Don’t let the #bqhatevwr dream die!

Scott BrownTweets

Republican former Senator Scott Brown infamously tweeted “Bqhatevwr” as part of a string of unusual tweets on January 26, 2013.

This was a bold and courageous move on the part of Scott Brown!


Put plainly, “Bqhatevwr” can be defined this way:
“I would say ‘whatever’, but I actually don’t even care enough about what you are talking about to do that.”


This is a perfect, elegant and concise expression of the conservative view of the role of government in domestic affairs.

Consider these examples:

1. Many Americans are suffering because they can’t afford health insurance and they can’t afford preventative medical care. Obamacare takes steps in the direction of providing a government solution to this problem, but conservatives oppose that. What do conservatives think the government response to human suffering should be? Bqhatevwr.

2. America’s roads and bridges are crumbling. Obama wants to raise taxes to help build new ones, but conservatives are of course against this. What do conservatives think the government’s reaction to crumbling infrastructure should be? Bqhatevwr.

3. More Americans than ever before are hungry, unemployed, looking for work in a depressed job market, and struggling to make ends meet. Obama is trying to help these people to survive until they are able to find work by providing them with food stamps, but of course conservative hate this solution. How do conservatives think the government should react to starving unemployed people who are trying to get by while they look for work? Bqhatevwr.

Bqhatevwr_top_trendLiberals will try to cast this attitude as “heartless” and “cold” and blah blah blah and all that noise.

Moreover, they clearly did not understand the deep and profound message of Bqhatevwr. The tweet was considered bizarre, and was immediately met with mockery in the liberal media. It became an overnight sensation on the liberal website Twitter, where it instantly became a trending topic world-wide.

Bullied by the liberally biased media, Scott Brown eventually deleted the tweets and tried to dismiss “Bqhatevwr” as a pocket-tweet.

But here is the real truth of the matter:

Real conservatives simply think the human suffering and decaying infrastructure are none of government’s damn business.


Don’t let the conservative vision of a Bqhatevwr America die. Please remember to use the term “Bqhatevwr” as often as possible, in all of your political discussions. Remember to tweet the hashtag #Bqhatevwr every chance you get.

Do it… for America!