Obama made inflation worse! Graphs without bias.

Inflations Rates

This is a very confusing subject, and in radical ultra-liberal left wing media outlets like the American Institute for Economic Research and Forbes.com you will see people saying that inflation is not worse under Obama than it was under Bush. But they are looking at these numbers in a Liberally Biased way. The correct way to look at these numbers is as follows:

Inflations Rates

For a very long time, fancy economists used this thing called the “Consumer Price Index” or “CPI” (black line) to measure inflation. As a result, the highest level that inflation ever rose to during Bush’s presidency was around 5%.

Recently, economists have realized that the correct way to measure inflation during a liberal presidency is to use the “Everyday Price Index” or “”EPI” (golden line). As a result, the highest rate of inflation during Obama’s presidency has been around 10%.

It is as simple as that. Numbers do not lie.  We have highlighted the two points that you should pay attention to on the above graph (red) that clearly illustrate that the maximum inflation rate has increased under Obama compared to under Bush.

Look only at the red highlighted points.

Do not look at any of the other points on the graph.

Those other points are the ones that lead to liberal bias…..


graph source: American Institute for Economic Research
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: Zachary Pleat