Nobody cares about your stupid housing price surge!

Real Home Price Index, Unbiased Graph

Real Home Price Index, Unbiased GraphLeft-wing radicals have been promoting some kind of story about a housing price surge. Luckily, most people don’t understand it. This graph will help you to understand why.

Look at this beautiful graph. It is the perfect graph to convey what conservatives want it to convey, without a lot of worry that liberal bias will seep in.

When liberals look at this graph, they see that the teeny, tiny, itty-bitty tail end of the blue line on the right side of the graph is increasing very rapidly.  This is what lead to the headline in the liberal communist anti-American media that the recent increase “is the fastest pace of increase since April 2006.”

Liberals expected this headline to create some kind of fuss, but they were wrong.  Why?

Well, just look at the above graph!  Nobody really cares about the “rate of increase” of something!  “Rate”? Huh? What?  That sounds an awful lot like “slope” or “derivative” or other complicated words that nobody ever really understood in high school math class anyway.  That kind of stupid crap doesn’t matter.   This kind of nonsense is exactly why we conservatives are against education to begin with.

What actually matters, clearly, is just the overall value of the home prices, which are still much lower than they were back when Jesus W. Bush was President. We have highlighted this fact with a couple of additional adornments in the graph, just to make sure that you pay attention to the correct thing.

If you pay attention to anything else, like “rate of recovery” or other snobby college-sounding stuff, then well… you’re just guilty of liberal bias!!!!


(But luckily, nobody cares)


graph source data: Case Shiller, BEA
graph found via: Calafia Beach Pundit