Home value chart has a liberal bias!

Biased Home Values Graph

This is yet another sinister liberal graph that attempts to mislead the viewer by providing too much information. Liberals will try to use this to take the blame away from Obama, but we won’t let that happen!

This graph shows how the relative value of home has changed over more than 100 years. If you look at this graph, you might think that the drastic skyrocketing of home values that started under Clinton and continued through the Bush years looks like an anomaly.  Based on this graph, you might think that the value of houses during the peak of this bubble represented seriously unrealistic and inflated values that could never be sustained in a realistic economy.  If you are starting from this graph, you might think that the problem started way before Obama ever came to power. One might even conclude, looking at this graph, that it would be completely normal for the market to continue to drop housing prices until they return to the range of 1980’s – 1990’s values.


This graph makes use of a very dirty trick that we have talked about before: it shows more information than you need.  It’s likely to confuse you or befuddle you into thinking maybe everything isn’t Obama’s fault.

Unskewed Home ValuesThus, we can improve this graph. We can “unskew” it and remove the liberal bias by eliminating the extra data. This is what we do in the graph that appears to the left.  By highlighting the information that people should be focusing on, the fact that housing prices have dropped DRAMATICALLY throughout Obama’s presidency, we prevent any unwholesome doubts or questions that might sneak into your mind when you look at the previous, liberally biased graph.

So always remember, if some liberal ever dares to say that the current continued decline in housing values is NOT Obama’s fault, just show them this unskewed graph, and yell “in your face”!  Because that means you won the argument.


graph data source: “Irrational Exuberance”, 2006, by Robert Shiller
graph found via: The Big Picture