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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Articles posted in: government spending

Who will George Bush paint next? (with illustrations)
, 10 Apr 2014 by Gregory Stevens


It should come at no surprise that former leader of the free world, turned Christian artist, George W. Bush has once again channeled his godly painting powers. We’ve seen his nude selfies and colorful cat works of painted wonder but now Bush has stepped up his game with an uncanny ability to ham-handily paint world-leader


Government Shutdown: a 2 week review
, 16 Oct 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Please Stand By: something will happen soon.

What has happened during the 2 weeks (and counting) of the government shutdown? Based on listening to political news shows, you’d think…. nothing happened at all. With headlines like “Stalemate”, “Gridlock”, and “No movement”, you might get the impression that people are just laying around, chillin’ out, and waiting for things to happen. Please stand


This graph DARES to imply that lazy people aren’t the problem!
, 06 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Interest is the problem

According to this graph, entitlements for lazy people are NOT the main reason that the Federal Deficit will explode over the long term. This contradicts conservative values and therefore must be wrong. We are always hearing from the great conservative minds of our time that our current economic path is unsustainable, and the reason is


Federal spending graph refuses to cooperate with GOP agenda
, 18 Jan 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Spending and revenue

  With graphs like this floating around the internet, it is very very difficult for our Friends in the House to justify crashing the economy like they want to do. Obviously, this graph is part of a liberal plot. The problem with this graph, as you can see clearly above, is that it shows that


Federal Spending Graph: UNSKEWED!!!!
, 10 Dec 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Unskewed Federal Spending

Please begin circulating the above graph immediately. We have created this graph as a response to a liberally biased graph produced by FactCheck.org. We find the above graph to better represent conservative beliefs and values. The original graph, shown below, might give some people the wrong impression. This original graph could fool some people into


Why Big Bird Must Die: the kid’s edition
, 08 Oct 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Liberals have been circulating this chart around the internet and saying: “Look how small the spending is for PBS! Isn’t it stupid to cut funding for Sesame Street when it will make almost no difference at all to the deficit?” Obviously, these liberals know nothing about business. So, in order to educate stupid, ignorant liberals


International Reading Tests have a liberal bias!
, 16 Aug 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Sometimes you see a graph that just makes you want to say, “Excuse me, graph, but why do you hate America?” That’s what you should think when you see the above graph. This graph shows the relationship between average reading scores for students (the vertical position) and the average pay of teachers (the horizontal position)


What did Obama really spend? The shocking truth.
, 23 Jul 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Unbiased Federal Spending Growth

This has been the single most debated political graph on the web in the last month. Originally appearing on Market Watch and then picked up by Forbes, the graph soon was spread like the angry spores of a liberal biological weapon across the entire internet. According to irrational and easily-fooled liberals, this graph shows that


CBO debt projections have liberal bias!
, 19 Jul 2012 by LiberalBias.com

The above graph has been produced by the radical socialist, anti-family left-wing organization called the “Communist Budget Office” (CBO), and is very clearly steeped in liberal bias. Luckily, we here at LiberalBias.com are here to correct this lie and present to you the correct, unbiased version of the graph (below). First, look at the sneaky


Mitt Romney vs. Lying Liberal Statistics!
, 04 Jun 2012 by LiberalBias.com

There is a disturbing trend lately: more and more statistics and graphs are ganging up to unfairly contradict Mitt Romney! How dare they! Don’t they know their place? The place of statistics is to support good, virtuous, conservative ideals. Yet somehow, almost everything that Mitt Romney says seems to be contradicted by far-left radical “numbers”. 


Government spending has a liberal bias!
, 30 Mar 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Everybody knows that liberals are constantly increasing the size of government, spending money that they don’t have, racking up insane levels of debt, and generally being irresponsible.  Conservatives, on the other hand, always spend less and are fiscally responsible. So how is it possible that the above graph seems to give the impression that Reagan,


Government spending has a liberal bias!
, 21 Dec 2011 by LiberalBias.com

Those of us who listen to reliable news sources like Fox News and Sean Hannity’s radio program know that the vast majority of the federal debt was caused by Obama, and that he’s racked up more debt than every other president combined. Yet due to obvious prejudice against these basic facts, numerical measurements of the


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