Who will George Bush paint next? (with illustrations)

It should come at no surprise that former leader of the free world, turned Christian artist, George W. Bush has once again channeled his godly painting powers. We’ve seen his nude selfies and colorful cat works of painted wonder but now Bush has stepped up his game with an uncanny ability to ham-handily paint world-leader portraits.

This set of painted passion highlights the incredible leaders Mr. Bush had the pleasure of meeting during his presidency; from the Dalai Lama to Vladimir Putin, Mr. Bush has stroked the canvas with unbelievable talent.

But I have a suggestion. Why can’t Mr. Bush take his God-given talent to shine the spotlight on conservative leaders right here at home?  Don’t they deserve the same level of honor and recognition as, for example, Mr. Putin? Through Mr. Bush’s talents we can turn this country around with God, guns, and good-old-fashioned water colors!

Here are three suggestions to inspire Mr. Bush’ conservative canvas crusade, with my interpretation of what his paintings will probably look like:


Justice RobeertsChief Justice John Roberts is first on the list for his uncanny ability to fight for our freedom to buy elections. Thanks to Roberts and his four fellow Republican justices, wealthy politically active Americans are no longer limited to donate a petty $123,200 but now can spend as much as they want. Freedom isn’t free and nor are elections.







Chuck Gast

Conservative martyr and former Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich is second on the list for his unashamed commitment to Biblical homophobia. He and his company’s developers made some hefty donations to the anti-gay Proposition 8 campaign, to which LGBT* activists claimed he was violating Mozilla’s inclusion policies. In reality Brendan Eich was defending his religious freedom, making him a martyr for liberty!





Mozilla EichMissouri Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger gushes with GOP brilliance as he ignores the 260,000 Missourians who are going without affordable health care and focused on forcing women to wait 3 days before being allowed an abortion. He truly shined as he defended the bill against angry feminzai’s, “I was just considering getting carpeting in my house. That process probably took a month… I wanted to be as informed as possible, and that’s what this bill is, having them get as much information as possible.”

Government Shutdown: a 2 week review

What has happened during the 2 weeks (and counting) of the government shutdown? Based on listening to political news shows, you’d think…. nothing happened at all.

With headlines like “Stalemate”, “Gridlock”, and “No movement”, you might get the impression that people are just laying around, chillin’ out, and waiting for things to happen. Please stand by!

Is that really the whole story? Check out this video to find out:

Make sure to watch the video, and “like” it if you find it worthy! Also follow the WinkProgress Youtube Channel for more collaborative videos like this one!

Video direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H35gmLRXS0


Please Stand By: something will happen soon.

This graph DARES to imply that lazy people aren’t the problem!

Interest is the problem

Interest is the problem

According to this graph, entitlements for lazy people are NOT the main reason that the Federal Deficit will explode over the long term. This contradicts conservative values and therefore must be wrong.

We are always hearing from the great conservative minds of our time that our current economic path is unsustainable, and the reason is because the government gives free stuff to lazy people with Obama phones. We are specifically told that Medicare and Medicaid and Socialist Security are all spinning out of control, and that their costs will “explode the deficit” over time.

It seems strange, then, that this graph, produced by the socialist far-left organization known as the “Treasury Department”, shows that these gifts-for-lazy-people are actually remarkably stable over time and do not increase the deficit!

Instead, according to this graph, the biggest problem is the interest on existing debt.

In fact, if you look at the difference between the black line (total receipts) and the dotted line that marks the top of the colored area (non-interest spending), the total non-interest deficit is extremely small, and much smaller than the overall spending for entitlements for lazy people.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this graph, except that it’s obviously wrong.  We’re not entirely sure how it’s wrong, or why. But, it contradicts Sean Hannity… so it must, in some way or other, be guilty of liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Treasury Department report
graph found via: The Fiscal Times

Federal spending graph refuses to cooperate with GOP agenda

Spending and revenue


Spending and revenue

With graphs like this floating around the internet, it is very very difficult for our Friends in the House to justify crashing the economy like they want to do. Obviously, this graph is part of a liberal plot.

The problem with this graph, as you can see clearly above, is that it shows that things are improving.

What is worse, they are improving in the most un-conservative way. It’s one thing that federal revenue has been increasing as a percent of GDP for nearly Obama’s entire first term in office. That we could probably explain away using phrases like “the resilience of the American people” and “American exceptionalism” and so on.

But as you can see, there is a bigger problem. Federal spending has been steadily decreasing as a percent of GDP over the same period of time!


Anyone who listens to the radio knows that Obama has been throwing our economy completely out of control with all of his spending. Anyone who listens to the radio knows that spending is the biggest problem in the history of the universe times a gagillion. Anyone who listens to the radio knows that as long as Socialist Obama is in office, spending will continue to destroy the lives of innocent Americans…

….which is why the House of Representatives MUST crash the economy and force us to default on our debt payments.

They are doing it to save us from the evil Obama Spending Spree.

At least, that’s what we hear on the radio. This point has been repeated over and over again.  The logic is completely irrefutable:

1) Obama is constantly increasing spending and will never stop or do anything to help the economy
2) Therefore, the only way possible to help the economy is through radical action, like refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

This argument sounds good, right? It completely justifies the House Republicans threatening total economic disaster, because that is THE ONLY WAY SPENDING WILL EVER DECREASE!!!!!

But this graph is not cooperating. According to this graph, spending has already been decreasing, as a percent of GDP, slowly and steadily for the last three years.

Honestly, people better stop circulating this graph. It’s obviously filled with liberal bias. You wouldn’t want to give people the idea that radical upheaval of our entire financial system isn’t justified, now would you?

I thought not.


graph data source: BEA, Treasury
graph found via: scottgrannis.blogspot.com

Federal Spending Graph: UNSKEWED!!!!

Unskewed Federal Spending

Unskewed Federal Spending

Please begin circulating the above graph immediately. We have created this graph as a response to a liberally biased graph produced by FactCheck.org. We find the above graph to better represent conservative beliefs and values.

The original graph, shown below, might give some people the wrong impression.

Federal SpendingThis original graph could fool some people into believing that spending actually increased more under Bush than under Obama.

This original graph might make some people doubt the idea that Obama has lead the country in an INSANE OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING DEATH SPIRAL.

This original graph might cast doubt upon the notion that Obama is on the biggest spending binge ever since the beginning of time.

This original graph might allow some people to think that Obama’s policies have actually reined in the growth of spending.

Obviously, this is crazy-talk. People cannot be allowed to believe such dangerous nonsense.

Therefore, we present to you the first, unskewed and Tea-Party Approved graph of Federal Spending.  This corrected graph has been altered slightly in order to give the correct visual indication of how awful Obama really is.

After all, the entire point of a graph is to highlight the validity and truth of conservative beliefs and values, right? We have done nothing more than to adjust the graph in order to accommodate the Greater Truth about the Obama agenda.

Please spread the word, and our adjusted graph, as much as possible, in order to reveal to the world what CONSERVATIVE VALUES really look like.

original graph source: FactCheck.org

Why Big Bird Must Die: the kid’s edition

Big Bird Is A Liberal Communist Loser Suckling Off The State.

Liberals have been circulating this chart around the internet and saying: “Look how small the spending is for PBS! Isn’t it stupid to cut funding for Sesame Street when it will make almost no difference at all to the deficit?”

Obviously, these liberals know nothing about business. So, in order to educate stupid, ignorant liberals about how to run business, we here at LiberalBias.com present to you a Classroom-Style Lesson, called: “Why Big Bird Must Die: the kid’s edition.

Hello, boys and girls! Today we are going to talk about budgets!

To help you to understand about budgets and deficits, I’d like you to imagine for a moment your family’s household budget. As you know, daddy earns lots and lots of money for you and mommy to spend.  Then, that money gets spent. What happens if more money gets spent than daddy earns? That’s called a deficit, and it makes baby Jesus cry.

So, whenever there is a deficit, your family has to find a way to decrease spending. They cannot possibly find ways of getting more income, because that would interfere with daddy’s free time. Instead, your family will make a list of stuff that costs money, and it will include things like this:

$1100 per month for daddy’s new Mercedes
$880 per month for mommy’s spa treatments
$34 per month for the family to see a movie in the big movie theater!

…and so on. Now, daddy has to decide what to cut.

Obviously, he can’t sell his new Mercedes and get a cheaper car. Daddy works very hard and deserves to have a nice car. If you take away his car, he will have no motivation to work really hard and you all will suffer.

Obviously, mommy can’t give up her spa treatments, because without her spa treatments, mommy will be in a very bad mood. Very, very bad. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Because if mommy is angry, who knows what she might do.

So, the only thing left to cut is the movie tickets! You can’t go out to the movies any more, because daddy needs to cut back on spending. It’s really the only logical conclusion.

What does this have to do with Big Bird?  Big Bird is like the movie tickets. It may not cost that much, but it’s the only thing that daddy and mommy don’t care that much about… so it has to go.

It will make mommy and daddy feel better, to think that they’re saving at least something. And you want mommy and daddy to feel better, don’t you?



graph found via: Think Progress


International Reading Tests have a liberal bias!

Biased Reading Scores

Sometimes you see a graph that just makes you want to say, “Excuse me, graph, but why do you hate America?” That’s what you should think when you see the above graph.

This graph shows the relationship between average reading scores for students (the vertical position) and the average pay of teachers (the horizontal position) and compares different countries.  The reading score is based on something called the “Programme for International Student Assessment” and the teacher pay is shown as a ratio of teacher salaries to the GDP per capita of the country they are in.

If we were to take this graph seriously–and I assure you that THAT is not going to happen–it would suggest that the United States not only pays teachers a lot less than other civilized countries but also our students are a lot more illiterate than those in other countries.  If you were an irrational Godless liberal, you might even think that there could be a causal relationship between these two things.


First of all, why should to trust the reading scores coming from people who don’t even know how to spell the word “program”?

Second of all, more spending on teachers means more socialism, which is why Korea is doing so well. You don’t want to give up your liberty for a stupid thing like literacy, do you? I thought not.

Finally, who cares if sissy countries like Finland have kids who can read? I bet we could beat them up. So there.

Clearly, this graph is just one more source of anti-American propaganda and liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: OECD Analysis
Graph Found Via: TheAtlantic.com



What did Obama really spend? The shocking truth.

Unbiased Federal Spending Growth

Liberal Obama Spends Liberal Money

This has been the single most debated political graph on the web in the last month. Originally appearing on Market Watch and then picked up by Forbes, the graph soon was spread like the angry spores of a liberal biological weapon across the entire internet. According to irrational and easily-fooled liberals, this graph shows that government spending has increased less under Obama than under any previous president going all the way back to Eisenhower.

It would just be too exhausting and boring to go through every single argument that has been made about this graph. So just to give a few examples:

Newsbusters points out: Obama’s low number is based partly on the CBO’s so-called “baseline projection” which assumes that Obama will unfairly break the backs of small-business owners by allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.

Newbusters also points out that Obama voted for the Bush Stimulus Program when he was a Senator and therefore the entire 2009 budget should be considered Obama’s fault.

A blog at heritage.org makes the same points that the Newsbusters article makes. In fact, many of the actual sentences are identical in both articles. I’m sure this isn’t because one site plagiarized the other, but is simply because great conservative minds think alike.  Exactly. Alike.

You also have blogs and other sites pointing out that the graph is misleading because it clearly says that it is showing you the “growth in spending” but some people might believe that it represents “total spending.” Even though there isn’t really any evidence that anyone misunderstood the graph this way, it could be misunderstood that way and is therefore obviously a big fat lie.

All of these are excellent arguments, of course, and are in no way refuted by any of the detailed statistical analyses that can be found on radically biased websites like Politifact.

But since all of this has been written about already, what additional insight could we possibly have to offer?

The one thing that has been missing from this entire discussion is: THE TRUTH.

Namely: what should this graph look like, when all of the lies are corrected and accounted for?

To make sure that we cover every possible conservative argument that has been made, we would have to attribute all of 2009 spending to Obama.  We also should really add an extra $200 billion on to the expected spending in 2013 because we know that Obama will not cut any spending and plus he will do other sneaky things.

Thus, Obama’s column should show an increase from $2.98 trillion in 2009 to $3.83 trillion in 2013, which is an increase of 28.5% over 5 years, totally an annual increase of 5.7%.

So we now offer you, exclusively from LiberalBias.com, the correct conservative re-analysis of the data and the unbiased version of the graph.

Unbiased Federal Spending Growth

Isn’t that SHOCKING????

When you give Obama the blame for all of the spending that happened during the entire year of 2009, and also give him all of the blame for all of the spending that might happen after his term is over in 2013, his total spending increase skyrockets to……  5.7%!

I mean, it’s still a tiny bit weird that it is still lower than Bush’s or Reagan’s…..

But pay no attention to that! 

The point is: it’s very, very different from the first graph, which was clearly infected with liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source:  OMB, CBO and Havar Analytics
Graph Found Via: Market Watch

CBO debt projections have liberal bias!

Biased Debt Projections

The above graph has been produced by the radical socialist, anti-family left-wing organization called the “Communist Budget Office” (CBO), and is very clearly steeped in liberal bias. Luckily, we here at LiberalBias.com are here to correct this lie and present to you the correct, unbiased version of the graph (below).

First, look at the sneaky biased way that they present the data in the above graph.  They label the scenario “Bush tax cuts expire and budget cuts are made” as the “baseline scenario.” Then, they label the scenario “Bush tax cuts extended and budget cuts are NOT made” as the “alternative scenario.” They then conclude that the scenario that has the Bush Tax cuts continuing cause an explosion of debt when compared to their “baseline scenario.”

These labels, however, are very misleading. Neither of these lines are a real “baseline.” In fact, neither of these two scenarios represent what real, true, honest, God-loving Americans want. What real Americans want–and by “real Americans” we obviously mean “conservatives”–is for the Bush tax cuts to be extended and for the spending cuts to be enacted.

On the other hand, what communist America-hating liberals want is for there to be no spending cuts, and for the tax cuts to expire.

So both of the lines in the above graph actually represent compromises between the liberal and conservative positions: in one case, we give up the Bush Tax cuts in order to get our spending cuts; in the other case, we give up the spending cuts in order to get the Bush Tax cuts.


That’s right, I said it!

Obviously, any situation where conservatives compromise with liberals will lead to out of control debt, famine and plague, dogs and cats living together in homosexual sin, and other things not even worth mentioning.


Instead, a graph that was presented without liberal bias would show the Conservative Principles plan, in which conservatives stand their ground and get everything they want:

Unbiased Debt Projections

Look at this beautiful graph. When the data are presented this way, your choice is clear.

Do you want evil, out of control destructive compromise?

Or do you want Conservative Principles that will lower the debt to nothing?

The choice is yours.

Will you choose Conservative Principles?

Or will you choose liberal bias?????


Original Graph Data Source: CBO Report
Original Graph Found Via: An Economic Sense

Mitt Romney vs. Lying Liberal Statistics!

Liberal Statistics and Lies

There is a disturbing trend lately: more and more statistics and graphs are ganging up to unfairly contradict Mitt Romney! How dare they! Don’t they know their place?

The place of statistics is to support good, virtuous, conservative ideals. Yet somehow, almost everything that Mitt Romney says seems to be contradicted by far-left radical “numbers”.  For example, consider the above graph:

  1. Mitt Romney says that Obama has gone on a wild spending spree… yet “Annual Federal Spending” is lower today than when Obama took office
  2. Mitt Romney says that Obama has raised your taxes… yet “Annual Federal Revenue” (which comes from taxes) is lower than it was when Obama took office
  3. Mitt Romney says that since Obama was elected the deficit has exploded and spiraled out of control… yet “Annual Budget Deficit” is lower now than when Obama took office.

How is it possible that all of these numbers are ganging up and conspiring to go against Mitt Romney? There is only one explanation: liberal bias!!!


graph source: Think Progress
data source: Congressional Budget Office
graph found via: barkbarkwoofwoof.com

Government spending has a liberal bias!

Liberal Government Spending

Everybody knows that liberals are constantly increasing the size of government, spending money that they don’t have, racking up insane levels of debt, and generally being irresponsible.  Conservatives, on the other hand, always spend less and are fiscally responsible.

So how is it possible that the above graph seems to give the impression that Reagan, Bush, and Bush all increased government spending more in their first terms in office than either Clinton or Obama?  In fact, somehow the line for Obama decreases below zero, suggesting that he has actually decreased government spending, which is obviously impossible because everyone knows that the entire deficit has been caused by him and his anti-American speeches.


There can be only one answer.  Once again, this is quite simply a case where the numbers themselves are lying about the truth. The truth is that conservatives spend less and liberals spend more. Any so-called “numbers” that contradict this have obviously been infected by LIBERAL BIAS!!!!

source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
: PoliticalRuminations.com


Government spending has a liberal bias!

Liberal Spending

Those of us who listen to reliable news sources like Fox News and Sean Hannity’s radio program know that the vast majority of the federal debt was caused by Obama, and that he’s racked up more debt than every other president combined.

Yet due to obvious prejudice against these basic facts, numerical measurements of the debt seem to show that President Bush increased federal spending more than 10 times President Obama.

Obviously these numerical measurements have a liberal bias!

Source: Budget of the United States Government, Historical Tables Fiscal Year 2012
Via: The Immoral Minority