Celebrating the glorious success of the GOP Government Shutdown!

GOP Government Shutdown was a catastrophe and the GOP wants to do it again

October 1st marked the one-year anniversary of the hugely successful GOP shutdown of the US government. And Republicans have every reason to celebrate.

Led by Cuban-Canadian renegade Ted Cruz, the shutdown allowed Republicans to deliver what one expert described as “a sharp kick to Uncle Sam’s balls and every American’s pocketbook.”

This “completely self-inflicted economic catastrophe” cost US taxpayers a staggering $24 billion, which was especially funny because Republicans had only just finished voting on $4-billion-a-year in cuts to Food Stamps having told US taxpayers we were already broke.

For some inexplicable reason, all of the consequences of the GLORIOUS REPUBLICAN SHUTDOWN are not being reported 24-7 on Fox News and other media outlets. Some people are even claiming that the GOP-lead shutdown was “no big deal”. So, to make sure you don’t forget on this one year anniversary, here are some of the consequences of the 2013 government shutdown instigated by our great American conservatives:

– Because of the shutdown, National Parks saw 7.88 million fewer visitors in October, 2013, translating to a loss of $414 million.

– Because of the shutdown, the Centers for Disease Control had “reduced capacity to respond to outbreak investigations, processing of laboratory samples, and maintaining emergency operations.” Which is great, because here in America we never had to worry about the spread deadly infectious diseases, right?

– Because of the shutdown, more than 2 million hardworking Americans’ paychecks were affected, food safety operations ceased, and benefits for veterans, women, infants and children were disrupted.

– But most important of all, the GOP shutdown achieved the larger goal Republicans were seeking: It sent the entire US economy into a tailspin–our GDP shrank 2.1% in the first full quarter following the shutdown!

This timing was important. Voters were just starting to give Obama a tiny bit of credit for the eleven consecutive quarters of economic expansion that preceded the shutdown. Thank God the GOP shut that down!

But clearly, Republicans know there’s more work still to be done. The US economy expanded at a 4.2% pace in the Second Quarter of 2014 and Obama has now created more than 10 million new jobs in the longest period of uninterrupted job growth our nation has ever seen. Clearly, the threat to America posed by Obama getting credit for something is still as dangerous as ever

But Obama getting credit for economic growth isn’t the only threat America faces. There’s also climate change to ignore, immigration reform to postpone, and a vote on raising the minimum wage to avoid.  Plus, if Ebola starts spreading, why waste money on the CDC when Rick Perry could solve the problem simply by leading us in a National Day of Prayer?

That’s why Republicans as visionary as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and, yes, even Mitch McConnell are asking for you to help Republicans retake the Senate this November so they can respond to America’s challenges the best way they know how–by shutting down the government all over again!

The government shutdown IS a jobs plan, and this graph is proof!

If you have been cheating on LiberalBias this week with lesser news outlets, you will have noticed that nobody in the liberal media has been reporting on the important issues.

For example, every news outlet has completely ignored the fact that the healthcare.gov website has experienced glitches! Not only that, but there has not been a single report about how Barack Hussein Obama lied about people being able to keep their insurance plans.

He is forcing me to get a new insurance plan that covers emergency services and mental health. Why? Do I seem like I have mental problems? G-Men are following me! They’re afraid I can tear down their institutions through my fearless reporting!

People shouldn’t have “emergency services”, anyway. When I was 11 and I had a gnarly injury during a Little League game, an ambulance had to come and take me to the hospital. My insurance did not cover ambulance rides, and my parents were billed $2000. Under Obamacare, ambulance services would have to be covered… which really just makes it less special.

How dare the government make ambulances affordable for a blue-collar family like mine! I loved being in that ambulance because I knew it was expensive. Now anybody can ride in one. What’s next? Kids can smoke vodka and take doobies? Welcome to Obama’s America, people.

With the liberal machine exerting its iron-gripped control over the media, I can guarantee you that it will not ignore is October’s job numbers.

Last Friday, the White House released the October jobs report, revealing that the U.S. Economy added 204,000 jobs during the month. How can that be? Didn’t the Obama administration and economists warn that the “government shutdown” would hurt hirings and cause private enterprise billions, even though the only things that got shut down were veterans memorials and the socialist redistribution of wealth to kids with cancer?

Yet somehow, that resulted in 850,000 government employees being furloughed, which begs the question: Why do all these people work for the government instead of in real jobs that we’re allowing low-skilled illegal immigrants to work for under minimum wage? These are good jobs that hardworking Americans would be lucky to have!

I think the government shutdown was a wonderful thing. I think the government should always be shut down, as do all real conservatives. But in this case, the Democrat Party was also not trying to re-open the government, because they refused to go along with the Republican Party’s demands to defund Obamacare.

So why would a liberal communist atheist Muslim like Obama agree with me?

The answer, my friends, is in the October jobs report.

Remember these basic axioms of Conservative Truth:

1) Reducing the government will lead to job growth

2) Therefore, shutting down the government should lead to extra-super-job-growth-times-infinity

3) Obama secretly knows this, but will never admit it.


4) Obama allowed the government to shut down temporarily as part of his secret plan to boost jobs and make it seem as though all of his other ridiculous policies, like Obamacare, are not a complete and utter failure.

Do you still need proof that the government shutdown was all part of a deliberate plot by Obama to boost the economy based on conservative principles?  Just look at this  graph:

The government shutdown created jobs and this is proof!!

Now, just imagine what wonderful things would happen if he just went along with all of the other conservative principles, like creating a regressive tax code, defunding Medicare and Social Security, and banning gay marriage at the federal level!

It would be a true New Utopia, making China look like a banana republic and the United States look like…. well, Banana Republic!


32 liberal Republicans who should be primaried

Despite what Democrat party sympathizers tell you, the glorious government shutdown was well worth the money and wouldn’t have cost anything if they let the patriots in the House cut $40 billion from less important programs like food stamps.

Now that Republicans caved and Democrats got the sequester level spending they craved so badly, the liberal media is trying to segment the 144 Republicans in the House that voted against raising the debt ceiling and funding the government. You may think this is because they want to vilify these House members in the eyes of liberals and independents.



RINO RepublicansWhat liberals are really trying to do is convince conservatives that to re-elect these people. Why else would they single them out? Democrats know that every time they call someone “evil” it makes us like them more. This is their twisted, reverse-psychology game.

On October 4, The Atlantic published a faux hit piece titled 32 Republicans Who Caused the Government Shutdown. Admittedly, I am not well acquainted with the publication, but I know they must be a liberal rag because: 1. they are not World Net Daily, The Daily Currant, or LiberalBias and 2. They are named THE ATLANTIC, which is after all, the only thing bridging us to EUROPE.

I examined the voting records of these 32 Republicans, and found that, far from being “conservative heroes”, every single one of them is a sleeper cell of the socialist liberal agenda!

1. Justin Amash (R-Michigan)
PROOF JUSTIN AMASH IS A LIBERAL: According to OpenCongress, Amash has voted with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 477 times. That is 477 more times than any REAL conservative would vote with that jezebel.
Source: http://www.opencongress.org/people/compare?person1=400314&person2=412438&representatives=true

2. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)
PROOF MICHELE BACHMANN IS A LIBERAL: An article in Salon from 2011 exposed Bachmann, who will not be running for re-election next cycle, for being the kind of anti-American she told Chris Matthews she wanted to investigate in Congress. She told supporters that Obamacare privatizes Medicare, which it does not. She lied to make Obama sound better, but even worse, she acted like that would be a bad thing!
Source: http://www.salon.com/2011/06/20/bachmann_liberal/

3. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee)
PROOF MARSHA BLACKBURN IS A LIBERAL: Rep. Blackburn voted in favor of an amendment to H.R.1, cutting billions of dollars in funding for redundant engines for F-35 aircrafts. We all know that a vote against the military industrial complex is a vote against the troops, therefore she must hate the troops!
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repBlackburnTN7112.html

4. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama)
PROOF MO BROOKS IS A LIBERAL: Amendment 308 to H.R. 2609, the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, would have deprived $30 million in payments to big oil and coal companies. They deserve our tax dollars because their profits are simply not enough, and he had no right to vote against giving them that money.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repBrooksAL5113.html

5. Paul Broun (R-Georgia)
PROOF PAUL BROUN IS A LIBERAL: You would think his adamant rejection of science would make him an infallible patriotic conservative, but apparently not. He voted in favor of Amendment 100 to H.R. 2397, requiring the NSA to specify its targets. That mirrors the viewers of Edward Snowden, who lived in Hawaii, where President Hussein Obama alleges he was from, and is now in Russia, where all communists live. You are the company you keep, therefore Paul Broun is a communist. Replace him with a real conservative.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repBrounGA10113.html

6. John Carter (R-Texas)
PROOF JOHN CARTER IS A LIBERAL: John Carter was a movie about outer space and liberals. Both of those are things liberals made up to make people interested in the hoax they call science.
Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401729/

7. John Culberson (R-Texas)
PROOF JOHN CULBERSON IS A LIBERAL: In 2010, no Democrat challenged Mr. Culberson in the election. Now why would that be? They must have been happy with him.
Source: http://texasliberal.wordpress.com/tag/john-culberson/

8. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida)
PROOF RON DESANTIS IS A LIBERAL: Not only did DeSantis vote with Mo Brooks on depriving oil and coal companies, but he also forgot what we learned on 9/11 and voted with Paul Broun on limiting the power of the NSA.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repDeSantisFL6113.html

9. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tennessee)
PROOF SCOTT DESJARLAIS IS A LIBERAL: Rep. DesJarlais had an opportunity to cut the budget for research in alternative energy science by $10 million. He voted against the amendment that would have made this possible.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repDesJarlaisTN4112.html

10. Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina)
PROOF JEFF DUNCAN IS A LIBERAL: Not only did Duncan vote with Mo Brooks on depriving oil and coal companies, but he also forgot what we learned on 9/11 and voted with Paul Broun on limiting the power of the NSA.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repDuncanSC3113.html

11. John Fleming (R-Louisiana)
PROOF JOHN FLEMING IS A LIBERAL: Fleming hates the NSA too. It’s like he hates keeping us safe or something.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repFlemingLA4113.html

12. Scott Garrett (R-New Jersey)
PROOF SCOTT GARRETT IS A LIBERAL: Described as a “conservative icon” by some, he votes like a liberal all the time! He tried to defund spending on a second engine for the F-35, he tried to stop President Hussein Obama from accidentally doing something right when he sent troops to Libya, and he voted yes on H.R. 2417, promoting the use of “more efficient” light bulbs. Why would he do that? Probably because he believes in global warming. Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repGarrettNJ5112.html

13. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia)
PROOF PHIL GINGREY IS A LIBERAL: The National Journal ranked Gingrey as the most conservative member of the House, rating him a 94/100. When I was in college, a 94% was an A, which was good, but we should hold our conservative patriots in Congress to a higher standard. Why not 100%? I had to get a 97% in my classes to get an A+, so why not Gingrey? He should be primaried so he hears loud and clear that we expect more from him!
Source: http://www.nationaljournal.com/magazine/most-liberal-most-conservative-20120223

14. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)
PROOF LOUIE GOHMERT IS A LIBERAL: Gohmert says liberals should fear a “redneck president” because he will take away all the things they care about. We already had a redneck President. His name was George W. Bush, and while I personally think he’s the best, a lot of Republicans don’t like him either. While I don’t really have a problem with Gohmert, it’s important we have conservative politicians say things that can’t be challenged or picked apart by people who set out to incessantly nitpick and hold them to impossible standards. Unlike me, of course.
Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/healthwatch/politics-elections/218173-gohmert-liberals-should-fear-redneck-president-if-court-upholds-healthcare-mandate

14. Tom Graves (R-Georgia)
PROOF TOM GRAVES IS A LIBERAL: What is up with all these so-called conservatives that hate the NSA? It’s almost like some political issues are heavily nuanced and don’t strictly fall on party lines or something.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repGravesGA14113.html

15. Vicky Hartzler (R-Missouri)
PROOF VICKY HARTZLER IS A LIBERAL: Hartzler represents a college town that typically votes for Democrats and beat a 17-term incumbent. Why would they vote for her? They have to know something we don’t. What better way to secretly be a liberal than to hide in plain sight?
Source: http://www.columbiaheartbeat.com/index.php/news/headlines/583-080613

16. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas)
PROOF TIM HUELSKAMP IS A LIBERAL: DailyKos loves this Republican in name only, calling him “a perennial winner.” Enough said.
Source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/10/09/1245685/-Putz-of-the-day-Tim-Huelskamp-R-Putz#

17. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)
PROOF JIM JORDAN IS A LIBERAL: In an interview with liberal mouthpiece Jake Tapper of CNN, Jordan said that his plan to force Senate Republicans to defund Obamacare was to wait for them to “find Jesus.” Sounds like he’s a pacifist, and you know who pacifists are? Liberals.
Source: http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2013/09/rep_jim_jordan_tells_cnn_he_th.html

18. Steve King (R-Iowa)
PROOF STEVE KING IS A LIBERAL: According to Politico, King “embedded a liberal group’s Youtube video of the congressman’s remarks into a fundraising email.”
Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/steve-king-video-american-bridge-94961.html

19. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)
PROOF RAUL LABRADOR IS A LIBERAL: In addition to other bills and amendments mentioned in other sections, Labrador also voted against H.R. 514, which reauthorized provisions of the Patriot Act, the crowning achievement of the honorable George W. Bush. That’s just one of many things he has voted with Democrats on in the most recent session. Despite what headlines might say, he’s not a secret liberal. He’s a proud, flamboyant one.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repLabradorID1112.html

20. Tom Massie (R-Kentucky)
PROOF TOM MASSIE IS A LIBERAL: According to The Blaze, Massie lives in a solar-powered house and drives an electric car. LIBERAL.
Source: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/28/mallory-factor-rep-massie-interview/

21. Tom McClintock (R-California)
PROOF TOM MCCLINTOCK IS A LIBERAL: In addition to voting yes on amendments on H.R. 2609 and H.R. 2397 like so many other of these fake conservatives, he’s also from California. Why would any real conservative want to keep associating themselves with that wretched hive of scum and villainy, unless they weren’t a conservative at all? Use your heads, sheeple.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repMcClintockCA4113.html

22. Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina)
PROOF MARK MEADOWS IS A LIBERAL: An article exposing Mark Meadows as a flip flopper on conservative issues led to a blank 404 page saying the site had been taken down. Probably because he is trying to cover it up! Source: http://www.liberalroundup.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

23. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas)
PROOF RANDY NEUGEBAUER IS A LIBERAL: While at first I thought it was awesome that Neugebauer defiantly yelled at Bart Stupak, calling him a baby killer, I realized when researching him that Bart Stupak is a conservative hero. He is the man who destroyed the public option, causing Obamacare is to be really socialist instead of really super mega socialist. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

24. Matt Salmon (R-Arizona)
PROOF MATT SALMON IS A LIBERAL: Sonoran Alliance caught Matt Salmon giving money to liberal democrats while he was a lobbyist, including fellow Arizona representative Ed Pastor, who safely wins 80% of the vote in his heavily liberal district and doesn’t even need campaign contributions.
Source: http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/01/25/watch-lobbyist-matt-salmon-gives-money-to-liberal-democrats/

25. Mark Sanford (R-South Carolina)
PROOF MARK SANFORD IS A LIBERAL: Remember when he snuck off to South America to do things God wouldn’t approve of with a…what are they called when they are from places by Mexico but they aren’t Mexican? Well, either way. That’s something only liberals do.

26. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana)
PROOF STEVE SCALISE IS A LIBERAL: The Times-Picaynne reports that Scalice joined with a liberal Florida Democrat to form the Gulf Coast Caucus to work together in the wake of the BP oil spill, which he referred to as a “disaster.” It wouldn’t have happened if God didn’t want it to happen, because God controls the environment and all that happens in it. Use your brain, Steve.
Source: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/03/rep_steve_scalise_joins_with_l.html

27. David Schweikert (R-Arizona)
PROOF DAVID SCHWEIKERT IS A LIBERAL: Remember last week when I exposed Fox News’ Red Eye for being the primary secret weapon for the liberal agenda? Guess who was a proud guest of that show earlier this year. Source: http://activitypit.ning.com/forum/topics/red-eye-episode-friday-january-6-2012?xg_source=activity

28. Steve Stockman (R-Texas)
PROOF STEVE STOCKMAN IS A LIBERAL: The Grio reports that Stockman invited a rodeo clown that imitates President Hussein Obama. Liberals claimed to be outraged by this, saying it was racist. I’m offended because I don’t know why Stockman would want to be around Obama, or anybody who looks even remotely like Obama. They’re basically the same thing. Source: http://thegrio.com/2013/08/14/congressman-steve-stockman-invites-obama-rodeo-clown-to-perform-in-texas/

29. Marlin Stutzman (R-Indiana)
PROOF MARLIN STUTZMAN IS A LIBERAL: Despite doing morally right things like cutting food stamps, Stutzman received $196,000 in farm subsidies. He loooooooves government handouts.

30. Randy Weber (R-Texas)
PROOF RANDY WEBER IS A LIBERAL: The NSA rules people like Randy Weber drool.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repWeberTX14113.html

31. Ted Yoho (R-Florida)
PROOF TED YOHO IS A LIBERAL: Finally, we end with another oil hating, NSA neutering liberal. Unrelated to his liberal voting record, his name is one letter away from Yolo. That offends me more than I can say.
Source: http://thatsmycongress.com/house/repYohoFL3113.html


It is our duty, as real conservatives, to primary every one of these RHINO’s and replace them with real conservatives!

Government Shutdown: a 2 week review

What has happened during the 2 weeks (and counting) of the government shutdown? Based on listening to political news shows, you’d think…. nothing happened at all.

With headlines like “Stalemate”, “Gridlock”, and “No movement”, you might get the impression that people are just laying around, chillin’ out, and waiting for things to happen. Please stand by!

Is that really the whole story? Check out this video to find out:

Make sure to watch the video, and “like” it if you find it worthy! Also follow the WinkProgress Youtube Channel for more collaborative videos like this one!

Video direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H35gmLRXS0


Please Stand By: something will happen soon.