Changes in gas prices have a liberal bias!

Oil Production does not reduce gas prices.

This graph has been taken from a statistical analysis performed by the Associated Press on the relationship between domestic gas production and the price of gasoline since 1976.  As you can clearly see in this graph, there is no apparent relationship between the two. In other words, this graph would have you believe that increasing domestic gas production does not cause a decrease in prices at the pump. In other words, drilling more doesn’t reduce gas prices.


How do we know?  Consider the following irrefutable facts:

1) The Palin-Bolling plan to reduce gas prices is a very serious plan that includes several points and multiple facets. One of the facets is to increase drilling and open up lands in Anwar. Sarah Palin said this,

It is a huge unit 20 million acres was set aside for wilderness for refuge and in mid-1980 it was expanded for oil and gas development in the coastal plain the tippy top of ANWAR so we have these huge swaths of land 20 million acres in one unit and 19 million acres in another unit reservoirs that have proven to hold oil and gas that have not been tapped yet also too in addition.

Obviously this means that gas prices would decrease if we could drill more in Anwar.

2) John Boehner has patiently explained that the reason gas prices are so high is that drilling on federal lands is down. He says that if we increased federal drilling to “where it needs to be” then gas prices would drop. The news report specifically says,

Boehner will call on Obama to throw his support behind GOP-backed legislation to expand domestic oil-and-gas production, among other things. House Republicans assert that the bills will help rein in high gas prices, which are averaging $3.92 per gallon nationally.

This is very obvious: more drilling means lower gas prices.

3) Rush Limbaugh said this:

Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom, and that’s dead-on accurate right between your eyes. That’s not spin; that’s not deception; that’s not in any way painting pictures. Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom, and there is no replacement for it. There is no substitute for it.

That’s not really related, but gosh, isn’t it inspirational?

4) When Newt Gingrich, a true conservative, was running for President, he explained that he could easily lower gas prices by increasing drilling. He said:

$2.50 gasoline is achievable and drilling here, drilling now so we can pay less and be independent of Middle East oil is just common sense.

5) Mitt Romney spoke very clearly on the middle-of-the-road news program, Fox and Friends, where he said:

The best thing we can do to get the price of gas to be more moderate and not have to be dependent upon the cartel is: drill in the gulf, drill in the outer continent shelf, drill in ANWR, drill in North Dakota, South Dakota, drill in Oklahoma and Texas

What could be more clear? Mitt Romney is telling us that drilling more will reduce the price of gasoline at the pump.
Now I ask you this: can all of these smart, accomplished people be WRONG?

Clearly not.

The problem is, instead, with the above graph… and it’s liberal bias!!!


graph source: AP Gas Production And Price Analysis
data source: U.S. Energy Information Administration