Ep 21: EXPOSED AND EXPLAINED: The Republican 5-Point Plan

John Boehner took 16 minutes to explain his “5 point plan” to save the Universe… I mean, America. Luckily, Zach Heltzel can explain it in only four.

It really is quite simple. Republicans want no spending, no lawsuits, no taxes, no mean regulations, no spending, and they want to use Federal money to pay for every single poor kid in America to go to private school.

You don’t believe me? Watch the video… it’s all there. All that, and some stuff about sucking d**k that Zach completely improvised against his producer’s advice. We left it in the video, because… you know.

So this is it! This is the Republican plan. This is what the GOP will focus on from now until election day 2016.  Oh, and: he didn’t say squat about immigration, abortion, or gay marriage. Let’s see everybody’s “shocked face”.


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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFhH3NF88B8