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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Featured Bias

Featured Bias


Featured Bias is the "highlights reel" of the Liberal Bias website. Here you will find the most popular articles that address the most critical issues of the day.

These articles are selected from the other sections of the site, and so they can include graphs, reports, Illuminated Truths, or items from any of our regular columns. They have been selected because they are the creme-of-the-crop: the issues that you need to know about to live in our world filled with liberal bias!


Liberal bias has been eliminated
, 05 Jan 2015

With the swearing-in of the new Tea Party Senate of 2015, we can officially declare that the problem of liberal bias in the world has been solved. Mission Accomplished! As a result, this website will go on hold, at least for now… you never know when the dreaded evil of liberal bias might rear its


Liberal Bias Top 5 most popular videos of 2014!
, 30 Dec 2014

Gay Superman in Assless Underwear if Liberals Get Their Way

Our weekly Youtube show, Helzel’s View, grew immensely in popularity since it started earlier this year. Here are the top most-viewed videos by Zach Heltzel on the Liberal Bias Video Youtube channel!!   NUMBER 5: I am American mass murderer. I will not stop killing, and this is why. In this video, American Mass Murderer


Liberal Bias Top 5 most popular articles of 2014!
, 29 Dec 2014

Restaurant receipt showing a minimum wage fee and other fees.

From Obama’s tyrannical executive orders to restaurants charging Obamacare fees, here are the top 10 most popular articles from 2014 that expose the demons and danger of that dreaded LIBERAL BIAS!!   NUMBER 5: Is there a war on masculinity? Yes, but not the one you think., 20 Jan 2014 by Zach Heltzel Masculine young


Obama says “Fuck You” to all Christians while fellating a Hitler statue
, 23 Jul 2014

Obama giving the finger while giving oral sex to a statue of Hitler

I know what you’re thinking: “Ooooh, that title is so edgy and controversial!” Or:  “Isn’t that title is going a bit too far?” Or even: “I somewhat suspect that the title of this article might not be literally  true!” NONSENSE!  And I will explain why.   We live in the social media age! Nobody really


THREE FACTS that prove corporations matter more than you do
, 16 Jul 2014

Corporations matter more than you

Corporations are not only people, they are GREAT people. They are AWESOME people. They contribute to society in a positive way, unlike poor people and Democrats. Conservatives shouldn’t shy away from this basic fact. It’s a core part of conservative ideology, and there is nothing wrong with it: corporations matter, people who are not corporations….


Cliven Bundy, born on a Monday…
, 25 Apr 2014

Clivan Bundy, born on a Monday

A poem about Cliven Bundy, based off of an old English nursery rhyme.

This letter proves gay marriage will destroy the health care industry
, 07 Mar 2014

CHAOS has been created by gay marriage in the California health care system

One of the things that so-called “gay rights activists” never adequately address is the mass confusion it will cause in our society if we can’t make absolute assumptions about the gender of people’s spouses. For example, consider a man in California named John. John is insured with Kaiser Permanente, which also offers coverage for spouses.


Republican jobs plan: REVEALED!!!
, 21 Feb 2014

Top Secret

Liberals like making fun of Republicans because, despite claims to be “laser-focused on job creation“, they seem to be talking about pretty much anything except improving jobs for the American people. But liberals have got it wrong. They just don’t understand. Republicans have been working non-stop on job creation… at the state level.  They have


TOP 10 most-viewed Liberal Bias of 2013!
, 31 Dec 2013

Obama The Vacationer

From the end of racism to Obama’s 11 million vacations, here are the top 10 most popular articles from 2013 that expose the demons and danger of that dreaded LIBERAL BIAS!!   NUMBER 10: What does “post-racial America” look like to YOU?, 01 Jul 2013, by TeaPartyCat June 25th, 2013 was a historic day in


You will never believe this 100% true statistic about how terrible Obamacare is!!!!
, 29 Nov 2013

Amazing Fact

Do you want to actually just up and DIE? If you enroll in Obamacare, you will. Check out this statistic: 100% of people enrolled in Obamacare will die. FACT. Do you want to die? If not, I suggest you support its repeal, or you’ll end up dead. FACT.  

BOTH SIDES ARE THE SAME… and we have proof!
, 30 Sep 2013

Feingold shuts down the government, because both sides are the same

If there is one thing that corporate media and conservative talk radio agree on, it’s that both Democrats and Republicans are terrible and evil and exactly the same. For weeks, conservative talk radio stars, most vocally Sean Hannity, have been repeatedly  beating the drums about how all of the problems we face today are because


Putin or Gay Porn Star?
, 26 Sep 2013

Putin or Gay Porn Star

Conservatives are all applauding Vladimir Putin for being such a strong leader, and for being so very very very anti-gay. What an awesome guy. Yet there is something a little off about his anti-gayness. If you take a close look at all of the very manly things that Putin does to prove how masculine and


Obamacare: pros and cons
, 26 Jul 2013

Glenn McCoy Monster Cartoon

There has been a lot of good news for Obamacare lately, which is obviously bad news for people who support Freedom, Liberty, and other capitalized words.   So in the interest of being fair and balanced, we have decided to present to you a side-by-side comparison of some good news headlines and quotes about Obamacare


What does “post-racial America” look like to YOU?
, 01 Jul 2013

Post-VRA America

June 25th, 2013 was a historic day in America: it was the day the Supreme Court decided that there is officially NO SUCH THING AS RACISM in America!  We can all rejoice. Now, with the Voting Rights Act effectively killed, every single state in the union is allowed to make any changes they want to


The Supreme Court’s Big Gay Decision
, 12 Jun 2013

Tea Party Cat Predictions!

Everybody is expecting the Supreme Court to rule on Marriage Equality within the next week. Nobody knows what they will decide… but at least I can tell you what our Republican leaders will be thinking. If the Supreme Court rules to support same-sex marriage, even in part, we know what Republicans will think…   “God


The definition of liberal bias
, 29 May 2013


In light of recent news, we have decided it is time to take a step back and address the core political issue of our time: what is the definition of liberal bias? This question has been thrust into the spotlight by last week’s big news story: Zero conservatives selected to deliver 2013 commencement speeches at


Obama takes more vacations than any modern president
, 30 Mar 2013

Obama The Vacationer

Fox News claims that Obama has taken more vacations than any recent president. After a LOT of effort, we have finally found a way to prove them correct. We have to admit, it was tough. After all, during Obama’s first term he was on vacation 131 days, while George W. Bush averaged 510 vacation days


SNAP statistics contradict Paul Ryan
, 25 Mar 2013

SNAP Program Statistics

Once again there is a conflict between conservative ideology and statistics. This time, the topic is: Do food stamps make poor people lazy? This graph shows the return-to-work rates for families that went on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also known as “Food Stamps”) due to unemployment. It turns out that a majority of


UNSKEWED GRAPH: Scientists split on climate change
, 28 Feb 2013

Scientists split on climate change

As a public service, we have created this graph to illustrate the virtual dead heat between scientists who accept climate change as a theory, and those who do not accept it. There have been a number of articles recently that have presented this same data, but with very biased graphs that seem to suggest that


Mark Levin proves the debt is really 1 Quadrillion Dollars!!
, 21 Jan 2013

The Real Federal Debt

Since people aren’t as terrified as they should be, Mark Levin has been spending a lot of time proving the debt is much bigger than our lying government is telling us. He does a good job, but we think he could go even farther. It all began last November, when Chris Crox and Bill Archer


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