Domestic Terrorism, Right-Wing Extremism, and Liberal Bias

Right-Wing Extremists.

Right-Wing Extremists.

You probably hear liberals talk a lot about Right-Wing Extremism. It is important that you know how to combat this kind of liberally biased talk when you hear it.

In fact, just yesterday on his radio show, Sean Hannity said: “Leftists are saying that the Boston Marathon bombing is probably right-wing extremists! Where does this idea come from?”

Well, Mister Hannity, allow us to explain: it comes from liberally biased “statistics”.

West Point has released a study, called “Challenges from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right”, identifying so-called “right wing extremist groups” as a major source of domestic terrorism in the United States.

The New America Foundation has also produced the graph, above, showing that from 2002 to 2007 only nine right-wing extremists were indicted for their roles in politically motivated murders and violent assaults, but between 2008 and 2012 that number mushroomed to 53.

That same group has also pointed out that since 9/11, at least 29 people living in the United States have been killed by right-wing extremists, while only 17 have been killed by jihadist extremists.

It is data like this that snooty liberals are talking about when they talk about “Right-Wing Terrorism”.

The key question, then, is this:

How can conservatives combat this message about “right-wing terrorism”?

After scouring the Internets, we have concluded that the following approach represents the best tactic that is most commonly used by professionals:

1) Point out that just because groups like anti-Abortion groups and the KKK call themselves Christian, doesn’t mean they are really Christian. They are clearly not “mainstream” Christian.

(Warning: There will be some liberals who try to claim that Islamic terrorists are also not real Muslims. But do not let them try to get away with this kind of tricky word-play. You are a good Christian, after all, so who would know better than you what a “real Muslim” is?)

2) Point out that although some pro-life people are violent, the vast majority of them are not, and condemn violence completely.

(Warning: There will be some liberals who try to claim that although some Muslims are violent, but the vast majority of Muslims are not violent and do not hate America. But do not let them fool you! Obviously these “non-violent Muslims” don’t exist, or else why wouldn’t you have heard about them on Fox News?)

Most importantly, just keep repeating the key word “mainstream” over and over again whenever possible. 53 violent right-wing murders and assaults in four years is clearly just a random collection of unrelated crazy people. It obviously isn’t a pattern of any kind.

To suggest that would be just to give in to liberal bias!!!


graph data source: New America Foundation
graph found via: Hermit’s Holler

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