MTV has a liberal bias!

Miley Cyrus is a conservative... she just doesn't know it.

Miley Cyrus is a conservative... she just doesn't know it.

Conservatives are the secret majority, even in Hollywood. Hollywood conservatives must stop living in fear: it is time to expose the plots and conspiracies of the evil liberal machine.

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry and Hollywood in particular have no patience for conservative voices among their ranks. There are a few who are courageous enough to stand up for what makes America great. They are some of the most respected entertainers in modern history. Clint Eastwood, James Caan, Gary Busey, the list goes on and on.

However, there are probably quite a few other actors and musicians that have conservative beliefs but do not have the gumption to “come out of the closet” and show their true (red, white, and blue) colors out of fear for their career.

Recent events have shown that his fear is completely justified, and that MTV will stop at nothing to embarrass good, hard-working, God-fearing conservatives!

Consider music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, who claims to have voted for President Obama but has also performed at Sean Hannity’s freedom concerts, so it would achy breaky my heart if he weren’t a Republican.

Another suspected celebrity-Republican-in-hiding is former Pictionary host and all-around dreamboat (no homo) Alan Thicke. While he has publicly blended in with the usual bland Hollywood liberals, he did play Kirk Cameron’s father on Growing Pains. Cameron would have had to learn his virtues from somebody, so I think it’s safe to wager that Alan Thicke had something to do with Cameron growing up to become a stellar God-fearing American patriot.

Obviously, since the Hollywood machine hates conservatives so much, their number 1 priority is to embarrass good (suspected) conservatives like Billy Ray Cyrus and Alan Thicke!


It comes as no surprise, then, that MTV, which has been propagating the liberal agenda to America’s youth since 1981, would dupe the American people into watching a vile and disgusting performance by the children of these two legends: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

Miley, a wholesome country girl whose catchphrase “Sweet niblets!” delighted millions of red staters on Hannah Montana, shocked the country when she manipulated herself with a foam finger and “twerked” around the stage like an epileptic.

Thicke then came out on stage and performed a duet with Cyrus to his hit song, Blurred Lines, a song that all girls can learn valuable lessons from about the importance of caving to the will of men.

Granted, the message of this song was the saving grace of the performance… but otherwise, the pair of them subverted the expectations of their wholesome Christian audience, who had no idea that these young musicians were capable of committing such atrocities.



MTV clearly manipulated Cyrus and Thicke to perform this vile spectacle against their will in order to shame Billy Ray Cyrus and Alan Thicke, two men we in the Republican party are proud to call our own… even if they can’t reciprocate out of fear of persecution.

But even that wasn’t enough for the liberal agenda… they had to use their weapons in the media to bring shame to the families of those who do not wish to participate in their plans to destroy America. It is a conspiracy within a conspiracy.


Welcome to Obama’s America.

DOCTOR WHO has a liberal bias!

Doctor Who is an anti-American liberal

Last Sunday, the pinkos at the BBC held a posh little get-together to announce the next title character on their flagship television series: Doctor Who.

In case you are a patriot, and therefore don’t know anything about foreign stuff, Doctor Who is a television show that is basically an amalgamation of James Bond and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. It is a blasphemous celebration of Satanism (see: The Satan Pit), pansexuality (see: Captain Jack Harkness), beastiality (Harkness, again), and a universe where everything exists except the Christian God.

Fans of Doctor Who, mostly congregated on the homosexual pornography website Tumblr, have been speculating for months over who would be chosen to replace current star, Matt Smith. Since the role has been played by white men for the last fifty years, one politically correct Tumblr user expressed the hope that this time a black lesbian with a tail should take over the role.

This request received over 150,000 “notes” on the site, most of which came after another user pinned their illustration of former Doctor Who star David Tennant rubbing his phallus on Dalek. I should point out that the Daleks are portrayed in a terribly biased way, but are really the most amicable characters on the show.

Fans were deeply saddened, but not surprised, when the show announced that Peter Capaldi, another white male, would be the new star. This happily reaffirms that the institutional discrimination against white men really can be overcome as long as white men fight hard enough!

However, that said, this is still not welcome news, my fellow patriots. You see…Peter Capaldi is still British …. and more importantly, not at all American!


It just doesn’t make sense. Why would the BBC want to make the main character of a popular television show… a foreigner?

Of course, there have been some noble attempts to cast an American as the hero of Doctor Who. Steven Spielberg took a crack at the show in the 1990s, and director David Yates tried to make a Hollywood film based on the franchise. But none of these attempts was ever entirely successful.

Why not? Is it because of the deep jealousy that the British have that their “spinoff country” has been consistently beating them in the ratings for over two centuries?

Or is it because Hollywood is run by LIBERALS?

The anti-American liberal agenda is clearly driving the entertainment industry away from casting hardworking Americans, who every day move to Los Angeles and pull themselves up by their bootstraps only to have their dreams crushed by the redcoats taking our jobs.

Doctor Who may be a British production, but … actually, how did we even allow that to happen in the first place?

It’s illegal to bring Cuban cigars into the United States, so why do we let the British infiltrate our number one export, television entertainment, with their timey wimey spaceman malarkey?

And while this foreign Doctor Who continues to gain a foothold in America, much like the creeping rise of Islamic radicalism, what is President Obama doing to protect our own economy and jobs?


Thanks a lot, Obama!

Doctor Who is an anti-American liberal

Top 10 Liberally Biased Movies of 2012

Big Gay Mike Warning

Emerson Collins, guest writer

Hollywood correspondent Emerson Collins sums up the most dangerous sources of liberal bias coming out of the Industrial-Entertainment Complex this year… as well as a few conservative successes!

10. Zero Dark Thirty

This liberal retelling of our patriots bringing down Osama Bin Laden makes it seem as though Obama and some lowly female CIA analyst just went out and found Bin Laden by themselves. Without the years of work by President George W. Bush, a true conservative, and the CIA, the FBI and Homeland Security, President Hussein Obama would not have been able to do his figurehead duty and allow the Seals to get on with doing their job. This film does a tragic disservice to conservative America and the tireless work of the military-industrial complex.

9. Argo

Anyone familiar with the actual Iran Hostage Crisis will not recognize the story in this movie. Every conservative knows that it was conservative hero President Ronald Reagan’s inauguration that struck fear into Iran and ended the crisis.  But in this laughable telling of Jimmy Carter’s spineless handling of the crisis, there is no mention of that. Even worse, mediocre-at-best actor Ben Affleck seems determine to preach the lie that America needed Canada’s help to save those six Americans. CANADA!? As if. Everyone knows Canada never gets anything right.

In fact, if both Canada and Jimmy Carter had just let the military do their job, our citizens would have all been back a hell of a lot faster than 444 days.  Argo is a fiction. And a bad one.

8. The Sessions

This is a movie about sex therapy and surrogacy.  What more needs to be said, folks? The Bible tells us everything we need to know about sex.  If your parts don’t work, God doesn’t want you having sex. Period. Who are you to question God’s plan?

7. Bully

A “documentary” about bullying between adolescents.  This is a perfect example of liberal propaganda, as though learning to roll with the punches and defend oneself isn’t a part of the process of becoming a man.  If a boy doesn’t learn to stand up for himself at a young age, he’s never going to learn.  Calling a boy a “bully” just because he is ready to act like a man is starting to sound like some of that “hate speech” liberals are always going on about.  We should be teaching the others boys to stand up for themselves as well, so they don’t end up like the kids in this movie whining about how they cannot defend themselves.  Boys will be boys. If we don’t want to turn them all into girls, we just sometimes have to let them beat on each other.

6. Prometheus

So according to this movie, human beings are the result of an accidental DNA spill by a bunch of aliens somewhere across the universe? That’s not only stupid, but it goes against the Bible. Not that those atheist liberals would know about that.

Liberal Bias Lorax5. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

It is truly a tragic day when a beloved children’s author’s work is overtaken by a liberal agenda to preach doom and gloom about the environment again.  This liberal “cautionary tale” barely hides the fact that it loves trees more than people.  They should have just titled it “Greenpeace presents Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and We Love Plants More Than People”.

4. Les Miserables

It’s a musical.  Enough said.

3. Magic Mike

Big Gay Mike WarningStephen Soderbergh, one of Hollywood’s most liberal “directors”, casts a bunch of male actors and writes a love letter to homosexuals. They did not even try to hide it in the marketing campaign and the costumes.  Oh sure, they’ll tell you it was for women. But that’s obviously a lie. It’s real mission is to turn good, God-fearing conservative men into homosexuals.

In fact, anybody who spends a lot of time thinking about how bad homosexuality is can easily tell that this movie is meant to stir evil homosexual erotic feelings in men. It was a big gay movie, and there is no way around it. If you are a conservative man who, quite naturally, spends a lot of time worrying about homosexuality, then just watch this movie again, and you’ll be certain. Watch it really, really closely.  You’ll be able to feel how disgusting and gay it is. There is no hiding it.

1. and 2. Lincoln

This movie is so obnoxiously liberal that it deserves both the first and second place. As we face the current fiscal cliff because liberals refuse to slash useless government programs, Lincoln is the worst liberal Hollywood moment of the year.  You might wonder how the fiscal cliff is related to Lincoln, but that is only because the liberally biased media is covering up this story. If Lincoln had not destroyed the entire economy of the South, we wouldn’t be facing this current fiscal cliff in the first place, because the power would be in the South where it belongs. That’s what the movie Lincoln should have been about, and what it would have been about if Hollywood wasn’t so immersed in liberal bias.


Conservative Success in Hollywood in 2012

Fortunately, there were two Hollywood films that managed to overcome the liberal bias in Hollywood, even if only for a moment a two. So, to end on a positive note, we should recognize those moments as well.

Django Unchained

Ignoring Jamie Foxx’s character’s uppity-ness for a moment, Samuel L. Jackson manages to demonstrate that many slaves were treated well, and were happy with being a productive part of the southern economy before Lincoln destroyed our nation.  Bravo, Mr. Tarantino.


James Bond is the perfect conservative example of a man of action willing to do what needs to be done.  Skyfall finally gets it right as Javier Bardem plays the most realistic villain ever in a Bond movie, mainly because he is a homosexual.  Any good conservative knows that as long as the homos are trying to ruin the foundation of families in America, they should always be portrayed as the villains they are.