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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Articles posted in: energy

Domestic US oil production has a liberal bias!
, 01 Oct 2014 by ThisWeekInStupid

Domestic US oil production has a liberal bias!

Oil. Black gold. Liquid prosperity. Conservatives know that oil is better than anything else in the earth, including water. As a result, Republicans have been working tirelessly to convince the world’s weakest iron-fisted dictator, Barack Obama, to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline and allow that sweet Canadian happiness to flow to the Gulf of Mexico,


SHOCKING: Weird climate change poll suggests that money matters to people.
, 02 Jul 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Climate change poll results depend on exactly what the question asks.

Liberals have been trumpeting a recent poll result that suggests people are willing to pay more for their energy bills in order to fight global warming a.k.a. climate change. “By an almost two-to-one margin, 62 percent to 33 percent, Americans say they would pay more for energy if it would mean a reduction in pollution


Robert Murray recognized as America’s MPP!
, 12 Nov 2012 by LiberalBias.com

We at LiberalBias.Com are proud to announce the first ever recipient of the brand new and prestigious Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award: Robert Murray! We have noticed that most awards in America today suffer horribly from Liberal Bias: the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Oscar Awards, the Darwin Awards… and


Changes in gas prices have a liberal bias!
, 17 May 2012 by LiberalBias.com

This graph has been taken from a statistical analysis performed by the Associated Press on the relationship between domestic gas production and the price of gasoline since 1976.  As you can clearly see in this graph, there is no apparent relationship between the two. In other words, this graph would have you believe that increasing


Obama forces conservatives to pay more than liberals for gasoline!
, 22 Mar 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Sean Hannity, who is never wrong, has been telling us for weeks that Obama wants gasoline prices to be higher because he is an eco-terrorist. This is obviously true… but there is an even deeper, more insidious plan! Some liberals will lie to you and say that Liberals are actually paying more for gasoline because


Electricity has a liberal bias!
, 26 Dec 2011 by LiberalBias.com

Regulation destroys the free market and inflates costs by adding unneeded costs to business. This is just good conservative sense. Any conservative economist will tell you that removing regulation and allowing competition to reign supreme will result in lower prices. However, data from the deregulation of electricity providers in Texas seems to contradict this fact:


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