Numerical Deficit

People vote on reality.

This graph proves that the Federal Deficit is getting bigger. Anyone who disagrees therefore hates freedom and democracy, and clearly has a liberal bias.

According to this graph, 62% of the people voted to believe that the deficit is getting bigger, 28% voted to believe that it is roughly the same, and only 6% voted to believe that the deficit is shrinking. By a clear majority, the American people have decided that  the deficit is increasing.  In a representative government like the United States, that means they must be right.

Numerical DeficitNow, if you are weak-willed or easily confused, you might point to other graphs that seem to show the numerical value of the deficit decreasing every year since 2009.   From that, you might be fooled into believing that the deficit is not increasing.

But saying stuff like that is to completely disrespect the power of the people.  If someone says that the deficit is “actually” decreasing and that 90% of the people are “wrong”, you need to respond by saying:


Then you will have obviously won the argument.

As Mitt Romney’s noble and glorious presidential campaign said: we will not allow our beliefs to be dictated by fact-checkers!


graphs found via: Steve Benen, MaddowBlog (graph  1) (graph 2)

Data show no effect of minimum wage on job loss. Must be liberal bias!

Changes in minimum wage have no impact on job loss... OR SO THEY CLAIM

Changes in minimum wage have no impact on job loss... OR SO THEY CLAIM

This graph supposedly shows that increasing minimum wage doesn’t, on average, lead to people losing their jobs. Luckily, most good conservatives don’t trust fancy voodoo statistics like these.

Of course economists have been studying the relationship between minimum wage and employment for a very long time. Recently, economist John Schmitt pulled together a “meta-analysis” where he collected data from a huge number of different studies, and was very careful to use only the best data and make the most careful comparisons, in order to measure the actual impact of minimum wage increases specifically on young employees across the country.

Although some studies shows a small positive influence on employment and some studies showed a small negative influence, the overall result was a very dramatic NO EFFECT.  Specifically, it appears that increases in minimum wage do not actually have a measurable impact on the level of employment.

In other words, when minimum wage increases, this study suggests that, on average, people do not get fired: they simply get paid more.


This result is in obvious contradiction to conservative values, which state very clearly that increasing minimum wage destroys all business and leads to socialism.

In fact, John Boehner himself recently said, “When you raise the price of employment, guess what happens? You get less of it!”

And who needs to consult loads and loads of actual measurable data, when you can just listen to John Boehner instead?

Clearly, studies and graphs like this are just sources of liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source: John Schmitt, 2013
Graph Found Via: Huffington Post

NOTE:  This graph was featured on the Rachel Maddow show in November 2013,  nine months after we published it here. We would like to thank Rachel Maddow for finally catching up to the excellent reporting here at Liberal Bias.

GDP Wars: Liberals vs Conservatives

A Tale of Two Graphs

A Tale of Two GraphsThese two graphs that present exactly the same data. Yet it should be easy to see that one of these shows the Enlightened Truth, and the other one has Liberal Bias.

Both of these graphs show changes in Real GDP over time from the early 1990’s  through 2012. The only difference is that the left graph groups the data by Presidential Term of office, and the right graph shows each year’s data separately.

Notice that the left graph, which shows fewer data points by grouping things according to presidential term, very clearly highlights the Conservative Truth that Obama is a terrible anti-American socialist who is destroying America.

The right graph, which shows more data points, just muddies up this conclusion. In fact, the right graph makes it seem like Obama’s term opened with a deep recession that began at the end of Bush’s last term, and that for most of Obama’s term the GDP growth was at the same levels that it was throughout most of Bush’s time in office. This graph does not adequately illustrate that Obama is a socialist Muslim who hates America.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson to be learned here is clear: When in doubt, give people less information.

Giving people too much detail is just plain old confusing, and can lead to all sorts of liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
graph 1 source
graph 2 source: Eye On Housing

This graph DARES to imply that lazy people aren’t the problem!

Interest is the problem

Interest is the problem

According to this graph, entitlements for lazy people are NOT the main reason that the Federal Deficit will explode over the long term. This contradicts conservative values and therefore must be wrong.

We are always hearing from the great conservative minds of our time that our current economic path is unsustainable, and the reason is because the government gives free stuff to lazy people with Obama phones. We are specifically told that Medicare and Medicaid and Socialist Security are all spinning out of control, and that their costs will “explode the deficit” over time.

It seems strange, then, that this graph, produced by the socialist far-left organization known as the “Treasury Department”, shows that these gifts-for-lazy-people are actually remarkably stable over time and do not increase the deficit!

Instead, according to this graph, the biggest problem is the interest on existing debt.

In fact, if you look at the difference between the black line (total receipts) and the dotted line that marks the top of the colored area (non-interest spending), the total non-interest deficit is extremely small, and much smaller than the overall spending for entitlements for lazy people.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this graph, except that it’s obviously wrong.  We’re not entirely sure how it’s wrong, or why. But, it contradicts Sean Hannity… so it must, in some way or other, be guilty of liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Treasury Department report
graph found via: The Fiscal Times has liberal bias! loves taxes! loves taxes! needs to get their act together. While all other respectable and unbiased news agencies are reporting that there is no recovery, everything is terrible, and Obama is to blame, is straying from the path and reporting good economic news.

Look at these disgusting socialist-sounding headlines recently appearing on

And check out some of these quotes from the articles:

Two key drivers of growth improved last quarter: Consumer spending increased at a faster pace. And businesses invested more in equipment and software.

In addition, homebuilders are stepping up construction to meet rising demand. That could generate more construction jobs.

And home prices are rising steadily. That tends to make Americans feel wealthier and more likely to spend. Housing could add as much as 1 percentage point to economic growth this year, some economists estimate.

Auto sales reached their highest level in five years in 2012 and are expected to keep growing this year. That’s boosting production and hiring at U.S. automakers and their suppliers.

Some recent signs suggest that the job market is holding steady and may even improve a bit. The average number of people seeking unemployment aid each week in the past month is near a four-year low.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, BREITBART.COM?? is LIBERAL BIASWhat originally started as a good, solid, Jesus-loving, xenophobic, union-bashing organization has clearly become infiltrated with some kind of liberal conspiracy or plot or disease or something.

So, just in case you have been tainted by reading their misleading headlines, let me cleanse your brain with a reminder of the cuddly and comforting conservative truth.

Bill O’Reilly, who is always right about everything, was doing an interview with some left-wing lunatic. Here you can hear O’Reilly explaining calmly and rationally all of the facts: the economy is not improving, it is bad, there is no recovery, it is all the president’s fault, and the 60% of people who like the president are therefore obviously morons and left-wing loons:

How can disagree with this obvious wisdom? It is clear that, despite their occasionally racist headlines, must be LIBERAL!!!!

We have added the appropriate speech bubble to indicate this fact.

S&P 500 stock market index has a liberal bias!

No recovery!!!

No recovery!!!

Obama is terrible for business. We have unskewed the above graph of the S&P 500 stock market index in order to make sure that you understand this fact.

The stock market has been blatantly and flagrantly contradicting our “there is no economic recovery” and “Obama is bad for businesses” message, and on behalf of conservative radio and television commentators everywhere, we here at have to say: we’re OVER IT.

It was less than a week ago, for example, that Sean Hannity had the usual pair of guests on his radio show: a timid and meek liberal and a loud and abrasive conservative (heck yeah!). The timid and meek liberal dared to talk about the fact that the Dow Jones has skyrocketed under Obama, so of course the loud and abrasive conservative interrupted and said:


(Yes, even on the radio you could tell he was speaking in all caps.)

Well, apparently this conservative radio guest was not aware that the S&P500 is also in on the conspiracy.

On the remote chance that some of Sean Hannity’s want to look up a graph of the S&P 500, we are providing the above graph as CONFIRMING EVIDENCE that there is no recovery under the Obama administration.  As you can see, in our unskewed graph, the stock market has remained completely flat during the Obama presidency.

Take that, Obama.


original graph source: Business Insider

Federal spending graph refuses to cooperate with GOP agenda

Spending and revenue


Spending and revenue

With graphs like this floating around the internet, it is very very difficult for our Friends in the House to justify crashing the economy like they want to do. Obviously, this graph is part of a liberal plot.

The problem with this graph, as you can see clearly above, is that it shows that things are improving.

What is worse, they are improving in the most un-conservative way. It’s one thing that federal revenue has been increasing as a percent of GDP for nearly Obama’s entire first term in office. That we could probably explain away using phrases like “the resilience of the American people” and “American exceptionalism” and so on.

But as you can see, there is a bigger problem. Federal spending has been steadily decreasing as a percent of GDP over the same period of time!


Anyone who listens to the radio knows that Obama has been throwing our economy completely out of control with all of his spending. Anyone who listens to the radio knows that spending is the biggest problem in the history of the universe times a gagillion. Anyone who listens to the radio knows that as long as Socialist Obama is in office, spending will continue to destroy the lives of innocent Americans…

….which is why the House of Representatives MUST crash the economy and force us to default on our debt payments.

They are doing it to save us from the evil Obama Spending Spree.

At least, that’s what we hear on the radio. This point has been repeated over and over again.  The logic is completely irrefutable:

1) Obama is constantly increasing spending and will never stop or do anything to help the economy
2) Therefore, the only way possible to help the economy is through radical action, like refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

This argument sounds good, right? It completely justifies the House Republicans threatening total economic disaster, because that is THE ONLY WAY SPENDING WILL EVER DECREASE!!!!!

But this graph is not cooperating. According to this graph, spending has already been decreasing, as a percent of GDP, slowly and steadily for the last three years.

Honestly, people better stop circulating this graph. It’s obviously filled with liberal bias. You wouldn’t want to give people the idea that radical upheaval of our entire financial system isn’t justified, now would you?

I thought not.


graph data source: BEA, Treasury
graph found via:

Long-term debt projections have a liberal bias!

Long-term debt projections

Long-term debt projections

If Obama has been destroying our economy, then why has the long-term fiscal outlook for the country improved every single year that he’s been in office? There’s really only one explanation: liberal bias!

There really isn’t a lot to say about this graph. Every year, the Communist Budget Office (CBO) predicts what the long-term economy will look like for the country in the foreseeable future if it continues with the same economic policies that it has at that time, the “baseline scenario” for that year.

The year that Obama took office, the CBO was projecting that the total federal debt would explode by 500% in 75 years. In other words, if things kept on going the same way that they were in 2009, with no changes, the debt would be more than 300% of GDP in 75 years time.

Each year that Obama was in office, of course, things changed. We conservatives know that all of these changes were bad, because Obama is a Kenyan socialist who can’t do anything right.

Yet weirdly, this graph shows that each year the projection was revised to show an improvement.

In fact, although conservatives are still telling us today that the debt is exploding out-of-control, this graph shows something different. According to this graph, the current policies in place are putting us on the road to a long-term balanced budget.


Clearly, the CBO’s so-called “long term debt projections” are nothing but witchery and wishful thinking.  Just like Nate Silver’s election predictions: just a bunch of liberal bias.


 graph data source: CBO
graph found via: Economic Policy Institute

BREAKING NEWS: The debt ceiling crisis is finally over!

Debt Ceiling Choose-Your-Own Adventure!

Since everyone is so eager to report breaking news before they actually know any facts, we decided we may as well report on the debt ceiling deal now. After all, we already know what we’ll say… no matter what happens.

Debt Ceiling Choose-Your-Own Adventure!

The Debt Ceiling Crisis is Finally Over!

After months of speculation and hand-wringing, the wait is finally over. During this crisis period, markets, consumers, and business owners have all been reacting to the economic uncertainty with fear and anxiety. The American people have looked toward Washington and seen a complete fiasco of incompetence, and a government paralyzed with indecision. So although there are many people who are unhappy with the end results, we can all now finally relax with the knowledge that—at least for a while—the question of how the debt ceiling will be handled has been answered.

TO CONTINUE, ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Was the debt ceiling raised?



Remember, no matter what ends up happening: you saw it reported here first!

Corporate profits conspire to make conservatives look wrong

Liberal Company Profits

Liberal Company Profits

Conservatives know logic. People are suffering because companies are doing poorly. Companies are doing poorly because of regulation and taxes. Regulation and taxes are exploding out of control because Obama is a Kenyan. Q.E.D.

Yet somehow, this graph seems to contradict this air-tight logical narrative.

This graph shows that corporate profits have been climbing for decades, despite the fact that employees have been getting a smaller and smaller share of corporate output over that same period of time.

This graph suggests that your average folk-on-the-street could actually be getting paid a lot more at whatever job he is working, if the way that companies allocated their expenses was closer to what it was in (for example) 2001, when a smaller percentage of the income of companies went to profits and a larger share went to employee salaries and benefits.

This graph suggests that the economic hurt people are feeling right now might not be entirely because we have a Kenyan President.

This conclusion, of course, cannot possibly be right.

The only explanation is that this graph must be infected with liberal bias!!!


graph data source: NIPA Table 1.14
graph found via: Warm Southern Breeze

The fiscal cliff is too confusing for Republicans

Fiscal Cliff Detailed Break-Down

Fiscal Cliff Detailed Break-Down

Republican politicians are doing a terrible job of talking about the fiscal cliff, and the voters are either confused or don’t care. Why? This info-graphic holds the answer.

If the Republicans in power had any clue what they were doing, they would be publicizing this graphic on every website, every Fox News program, and every radio talk station. This graph shows a detailed analysis of exactly who will suffer if Obama doesn’t give in to the Republicans in the House of Representatives in order to avoid the fiscal cliff.

So why aren’t Republicans publicizing this graph? Why isn’t the above analysis being shared with everyone far and wide?

The answer: it’s just too darn complicated. Republican politicians just can’t decide on a story to tell people.

After all, what are their options?



Do they point to the fact that the Bush Tax Cuts and Payroll Tax Cut affect average and poor people?  It’s a little late for that, since they’ve already said that those people should be paying more in taxes and don’t really contribute anything to the economy anyway.

Do they point to the fact that high income tax breaks will be expiring and drastically increasing taxes on the delicate and dainty job creators?  They know very well that this looks bad, because then they come across as only caring about rich people.

Do they point to all of the taxes associated with the new Obamacare Health Care taxes? Well, the graph above clearly shows that those will primarily be hitting the rich people, which undermines the whole narrative that Obamacare will cost the average person. We can’t have people realizing that Obamacare won’t cost middle-class and poor people any money.

Do they point to the fact that the Obama-Era Tax Cuts might expire? Since this will mostly affect poor people, it might make Republicans seem like they care about the poor. Unfortunately, they are called “Obama-Era Tax Cuts” so all that that conversation really does is remind people that Obama helped poor people.



As you can see, Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with this fiscal cliff.  Once people are provided with all of the information, like the information in the graphic above, there is literally no argument that Republicans can use without undermining or contradicting stuff that they have said before.

Now THAT is what I call liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Tax Policy Center
graph found via: Marc To Market

Republican voters have a liberal bias?

Republican voters have a liberal bias

Voters have liberal bias

According to the latest McCarthy-Marxist poll, the American people want the Bush tax cuts to expire on rich people, oppose letting Obama’s tax cut expire, and do not want to cut Medicare or increase the eligibility to 67. But we already knew this: the American people have a liberal bias.

Unfortunately, there is a deeper problem revealed by this poll, and shown in the graph below. When looking only at self-identified Republican voters, they also oppose letting Obama’s tax cut expire, cutting Medicare or Medicaid spending, or raising the eligibility age.

Republican voters have a liberal bias

So in essence, Republican voters are against all of the ideas put forth by the Republicans in congress.


Of course, they are also opposed to letting the tax cuts expire on the rich job creators. They are also opposed to compromise. So there is an alternative explanation.

It’s possible that Republican voters quite simply hate everything.

graph data source (both graphs): McCarthy-Marxist poll
graph found via (graph 1):
graph found via (graph 2): MaddowBlog

Liberal statistics predict no effect of tax cuts on economic growth

Top tax rates and average growth

Earlier this week, we reported that liberal statistics were refusing to show that tax hikes destroy the stock market. Well, they are at it again: this time, statistics are maliciously showing that cutting taxes does not lead to economic growth!

This graph shows countries that have implemented policies of cutting the top marginal tax rates over the 30 or so years.  It compares the amount of the tax cut with the percentage of of GDP growth arising after the tax cut.

Now, any good conservative knows that more tax cuts for the rich always, always, always lead to more economic growth no matter what.  That’s just intuitively obvious, and we hear it on Fox News over and over again, therefore it cannot be wrong.


Somehow, this graph is showing that there is no relationship between the size of the tax cut on the top income earners, and the amount of GDP growth that follows!

One of two things is possible: either tax cuts on top income earners really don’t have much of an effect on economic growth compared to the wide variety of other things that can impact a country’s economy…… or, these statistics are simply skewed by some kind of mysterious liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Piketty, Thomas, Emmanuel Saez, and Stefanie Stantcheva (2011), “Optimal Taxation of Top Labor Incomes: A Tale of Three Elasticities“, CEPR Discussion Paper 8675, December.
graph found via:

Liberal statistics predict no effect of tax hikes on the stock market

Taxes Versus Stocks.

Everyone knows that the tax hikes always completely destroy the economy. Yet somehow, these statistics show that there is no historical relationship between tax hikes or cuts, and changes in the stock market.

Anyone who uses good conservative common sense knows what to expect of the stock market when the government fiddles with taxes. We have heard the argument hundreds of times, on Fox News and our favorite radio talk shows. When the government raises taxes, rich investors panic and freak out and get mad and start selling everything in a huge panic, because they are dainty delicate little flowers. This causes markets to crash.

By contrast, when the government cuts taxes, investors use all of their extra money to invest in American companies, which causes the stock market to go up.

The logic is completely irrefutable. This is one of the biggest arguments for making sure that we don’t go over the fiscal cliff of 2012: allowing taxes to go up will make the stock market collapse.

BUT GIVEN ALL OF THAT… why are the above statistics completely contradicting this air-tight conservative reasoning?

Of the 15 times that taxes were cut since 1927, the stock market increased twice as many times as it decreased; however, weirdly, of the 12 times that taxes were increased, the stock market increased three times as often as it decreased!

There is a similar story with capital gains taxes: there is no clear relationship between increases or decreases in capital gains taxes and the stock market, except that maybe the stock market has increased even more often when taxes were increased than when they were cut!


Of course, there are some who suggest that the effect of taxes on the stock market is so small that is doesn’t really matter. These people suggest that no matter how good or bad the “logic” is, the simple fact is that other factors matter a lot more to the stock market than tax rates. Some even go so far as to say that people who base their investment decisions on their tax rate are obviously not very good at making investment decisions to begin with.

But we obviously disagree.

Clearly, all investors care only about their tax rates and nothing else, and increasing taxes will always completely tank the stock market, and if these so-called “statistics” seem to contradict this, then it is only because they have become infected with the liberal bias!!!!!


table data source: Fischer Investments Research
table found via:

Federal Spending Graph: UNSKEWED!!!!

Unskewed Federal Spending

Unskewed Federal Spending

Please begin circulating the above graph immediately. We have created this graph as a response to a liberally biased graph produced by We find the above graph to better represent conservative beliefs and values.

The original graph, shown below, might give some people the wrong impression.

Federal SpendingThis original graph could fool some people into believing that spending actually increased more under Bush than under Obama.

This original graph might make some people doubt the idea that Obama has lead the country in an INSANE OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING DEATH SPIRAL.

This original graph might cast doubt upon the notion that Obama is on the biggest spending binge ever since the beginning of time.

This original graph might allow some people to think that Obama’s policies have actually reined in the growth of spending.

Obviously, this is crazy-talk. People cannot be allowed to believe such dangerous nonsense.

Therefore, we present to you the first, unskewed and Tea-Party Approved graph of Federal Spending.  This corrected graph has been altered slightly in order to give the correct visual indication of how awful Obama really is.

After all, the entire point of a graph is to highlight the validity and truth of conservative beliefs and values, right? We have done nothing more than to adjust the graph in order to accommodate the Greater Truth about the Obama agenda.

Please spread the word, and our adjusted graph, as much as possible, in order to reveal to the world what CONSERVATIVE VALUES really look like.

original graph source: