Who are you calling “radical”?

Party Divide.Keith Poole, a researcher who studies American Political-Economic History, came up with this analysis of the shifts in political ideology (PDF Document) in the House of Representatives since 1879. He foolishly concludes that Republicans are becoming more radically conservative. But that’s because he’s an elitist academic and therefore has Liberal Bias.

All of the true and honest American news sources tell us that it is the Democrats, no the Republicans, who have become radical.

Haley Barbour, Republican, has said: “The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have taken the biggest lurch to the left in policy in American history.”

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, and other True Patriots have repeatedly said on their radio programs that the current Democratic party is the most radical and extreme they have ever seen.

Some website called “Renew America” that we’ve never heard of but that seems pretty cool has observed: “Democratic Party now the party of godless fundamentalists.

Can all of these people really be wrong???

Of course not.

The clear and obvious answer is that it is Republican who have stayed the same, and Democrats who have become crazed debaucherous loons. The numbers in the above graph must therefore be wrong, and are clearly infected with the LIBERAL BIAS!!!!


Graph and Data Source: “Picture of a polarized congress” (PDF) by Keith Poole
Graph Found Via: voteview.com