Ep 5: I am American mass murderer. I will not stop killing, and this is why.

In this video, American Mass Murderer explains why he keeps on killing, and what needs to happen before he will stop. Can you think of any other reasons why American mass murderer keeps on killing and cannot be stopped? Let us know what you think in the comments, here or on Youtube.

Why do mass murderers keep killing?

Liberals think the reason is what he says at 0:55
Conservatives think the reason is at 1:29
The biggest explanation is probably really what he says at 2:06

For a full transcript of the killer’s monologue / manifesto, click on the direct video link below: the full text of the mass murderer’s speech is in the Youtube description.

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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1EO0cF3LZY

White people murdering black people is usually justified in Stand Your Ground States

Justified self-defense, by race

Justified self-defense, by race

According to a review of homicide cases by John Roman, juries are 11 times more likely to call a murder “justified” when a white person kills a black person than when it’s the other way around.

Homicides committed by a white person are twice as likely to be considered justified in “Stand Your Ground” states as they are in states without “Stand Your Ground” language in their laws.

States with “Stand Your Ground” laws are actually less likely than non-SYG states to consider a black person shooting a  white person to be justified self-defense. Even though presumably some of those black people were also “standing their ground”.

What do all of these statistics mean? Of course, there are a couple of possible interpretations.

1) “Stand Your Ground” laws are applied and enforced in a racist way.

2) Those states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws contain terrible, mean, scary black people that are so much more violent and malicious than the black people in non-“Stand Your Ground” states that it just happens that the juries in the “Stand Your Ground” states have correctly assessed that the black-on-white crime in those states simply isn’t justified while the white-on-black crime usually is.


Well, if you’re a good conservative, it’s pretty clear which answer you’ll pick!


data source: FBI Supplemental Homocide Report
graph found via: The Atlantic Cities

Did Reagan cut the U.S. murder rate in half?

Reagan Fixes Everything

The original version of this graph was found on some pointless blog as part of an article entitled “America is a violent country.”  Typical liberal nonsense.  It figures that a liberal would look at this graph, and focus only on the fact that America has a teeny, tiny bit more violence than other industrialized nations. Focusing on such a trivial detail is a clear example of liberal bias!!!

What they don’t notice is this: Ever since Ronald Reagan was elected President, deaths due to assault have been steadily decreasing!

Is this because of the benevolent influence of Ronald Reagan’s conservative soul protecting us?

Is this because  God is rewarding us for making the wise decision to make Ronald Reagan our inspiration and leader?

Is this because the echoes of his immense and powerful impact on the American psyche has made us all better people?

And most importantly: Why aren’t Fox News and other members of the Mainstream Media asking these important questions?

graph data source: OECD
graph found via: crookedtimber.org