Stand Your Ground, the comic strip

Believe it or not, every step in this comic represents an actual news event surrounding the evolution of Stand Your Ground laws. See the transcript below for details.
Believe it or not, the steps in this comic represent real news events in the evolution of Stand Your Ground laws and their consequences. See the transcript below for details.  Comic Art by Erin Weinstock (


Florida: New thing! Stand your ground! You scared? You shoot! It’s ok. Everybody quick get guns.

USA: Wow. This seems like a bad idea.

Florida: Stand your ground! It is so good. You just wait and see.

USA: Crazy stuff keeps happening to Florida. Can you look into it?

Journalist: Based on the evidence of over 200 cases, it looks like the way Stand Your Ground is being applied and who is being convicted…

Florida: NO NO NO NO! Media bad ! Stand your ground good! You go away! Freedom!

USA: You mean, like Freedom of the Press?

Florida: You twist words! Stand your ground good! YOU SO MEAN! I SCARED! I SCARED!

[Florida shoots Journalist]

Florida: See? Stand your ground good. So good.


Story Credit: Matt Mager
Art Credit: Erin Weinstock