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Articles posted in: conspiracy

Ep 11: This video is about deep-fried lard and NOT ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. Honest. No, really.
, 04 Aug 2014 by Zach Heltzel

Deep Fried Lard, Global Climate Change, and the conspiracy of science

You should totally eat a pound of deep-fried lard every day. It will not make you fat. How do I know? Science has not proven that it will. Zach patiently goes through all of the explanations that “Lard will make you fat”-deniers use to disprove the so-called “science” that some people think shows that eating


Ep 2: The entire Benghazi scandal and coverup reenacted in only two minutes
, 12 May 2014 by Zach Heltzel

Zach Heltzel reenacts the entire Benghazi coverup and scandal in two minutes

In this episode of “Two Minute Theater”, Zach Heltzel brings you a complete summary of all of the facts and events involved in the Benghazi cover-up scandal between September 11, 2012 and the current day, re-enacted as a two-minute theatrical drama.

Why did Pope Benedict XVI really resign? FOUR SCANDALS
, 11 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI recently said he will resign “because of advanced age.” That explanation is neither plausible nor interesting. So what is the REAL reason? THEORY #1: The Pope ousted by super-powerful Twitter because he was “using it wrong”. According to anonymous officials inside the Vatican, the Pope had laid out one of the most


Obama’s secret master
, 08 Dec 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Obama eye close-up

We are not the first ones to suspect that Obama is being controlled by an alien cabal that does not have American interests at heart. But we are the first ones to have photographic proof. We don’t even have time to list all of the articles that have proven that Obama is a Manchurian Candidate


The Petraeus-Benghazi Scandal: the complete picture
, 15 Nov 2012 by LiberalBias.com

The Petraeus-Benghazi Scandal - UPDATED

Pieced together from rumors, innuendos, anonymous tips, television pundit speculation, and other reliable sources, this is THE MOST COMPLETE picture to-date of the ever-widening scandal and conspiracy that is so broad and deep that it’s sure to bring the entire Obama administration to its knees. Did you even suspect how far it would reach? This


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