REVEALED: powerful entertainment industry millionaire plots to take down Rush Limbaugh!!!!

Who is the powerful entertainment industry millionaire who has been damaging Rush Limbaugh's reputation for years?

The Daily Caller recently published an explosive report on a conspiracy to destroy Rush Limbaugh. They painstakingly laid bare the 10 people engaged in the vast left-wing liberal conspiracy to make lovable cuddle-bunny Rush appear like the kind of despicable douchebag that any sane advertisers would avoid like the plague.

But they missed a key player who is probably the most SHOCKING conspirator of them all! The Daily Edge conducted our own investigation, and uncovered an even more insidious 11th Conspirator: a man who has spent the last several years supplying these liberal hacks with an unending stream of verbal sharts and soundbites that make Rush’s legendary wisdom appear outdated, foolish and offensive.

Multiple sources have confirmed that this “11th Man” is a repulsive misogynist and famed sex tourist, with a history of troubled relationships, broken marriages, well-publicized arrests and addiction to prescription drugs.

This “11th Man” is apparently extremely powerful in the entertainment industry, and has had the resources to broadcast statements damaging to the image and reputation of Rush Limbaugh via a three-hour radio show broadcast every weekday for the last 25 years! Secret sources tell us that this “11th Man” is also extremely wealthy, and has been able to sustain his extended campaign of destroying Rush’s reputation even without strong financial backing from advertisers.

While Reince Priebus recently congratulated Rush Limbaugh on “25 years of radio excellence,” the 11th Man was busy telling would-be rapists not to take “no” for an answer. Other disgusting things this scumbag has spread over the airwaves have been extensively documented online. It is truly disturbing the depths that some people will go to in order to make Rush Limbaugh look bad.

Unfortunately, all of the evidence of our investigation suggests that if there is anyone who can stop this MONSTER from destroying the honor and dignity of Rush Limbaugh, it is, in fact, Rush Limbaugh himself.

But if you know the “11th Man” as well as we do, then you know that isn’t going to happen any time soon.