Blame Canada for liberal bias!

Liberal Canadian Values

Liberal Canadian Values

Living in Canada is like living in a loft apartment over a really good party. Unfortunately, when there is a leak in the apartment above you, it can drip down an ruin your furniture. Well, Canada is leaking liberalism, and things are getting messy.

This graph shows how Canadian survey respondents rated different values, when asked which values should be the most important in determining the future direction of Canadian society.  Notice the severe drop, marked with red arrows, in values that represent core conservative beliefs: security, wealth, authority, traditional families, and making sure the government butts out of things.

This result is especially scary, since although some of these values have shown a slight downward trend for a while, the most recent survey shows a dramatic drop in these key conservative values. Something is clearly wrong with the moral fiber of the Canadians.

Naturally, we would normally never imply that Americans should care about what goes on in a foreign country that has no oil and no really good resort spots. But for Canada, there is one awkward and unavoidable factor…


The creeping stench of liberalism is obviously descending on us from above, like the smell of a pot-smoking hippie living in the apartment above you. Oh, sure, some people might counter by claiming that the “Conservative Party” has actually been extremely successful in Canada and have even been in power for a number of years.

But I ask you this: what is the point of having a “conservative party” in power if they can’t get their population to want more guns, more rich people, and the beating-down of non-traditional families?

Clearly, our patriotic Minutemen border control volunteers have been focusing on THE WRONG BORDER.

It’s time to wake up to the dangers we face from our northern neighbors, and its liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source: EKOS Research Associates, Ltd. survey of data
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