Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling: REAL conservative Hope and Change!

Cliven Bundy is the hope and change we have been waiting for.
Cliven Bundy is the hope and change we have been waiting for.

It has not been a good week for white male job creators. Beloved overnight conservative icon Cliven Bundy, who managed to evade paying over a million dollars in owed fees to the federal government, alienated his supporters in one fell swoop by asking if “the Negro” were “better off as slaves“. Two days later, a leaked audio recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling revealed that he asked his mistress to “stop bringing black people to games.”  To quote comedian Patton Oswalt, it was “quite a week for racism.”

But that is also why it was a GREAT WEEK FOR AMERICAN CONSERVATISM!

Why? Because we can finally prove the point we conservatives have been making over and over again: racism has been over for a very long time in America! Sure, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling are racists, but look at how everybody has reacted to them. Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly on Fox News has torn into Cliven Bundy and called his racist remarks ignorant, disgusting and deplorable. Liberals, of course, have predictably gone completely ballistic, as well.

If people on both sides of the media are all condemning this guy’s remarks, what does that tell you? Well, it tells you what conservatives have been saying all along: racism is over in America!

Sure, there are a few individual weirdos and isolated cases here and there. But they are not really political. After all, Donald Sterling made political donations to Democrats over the years, just proving the point that there is no difference between liberals and conservatives on this issue.

LET’S MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR:  Yes, it is conservative politicians like Rand Paul who are against the Civil Rights act; Yes, it is conservative politicians like Paul Ryan who think that the biggest problem in America is “lazy inner city people“; and yes, it is conservative politicians who are systematically trying to restrict voting hours in districts with higher minority voters.

But none of that matters… because some racists are liberals, and some racists are conservatives, and as we just saw last week: the media hates them both the same.

Everything is the same. Racism is solved.

Thank you, American heros Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, for helping us to see this so clearly.

Now if only Kenyan Muslim racist Marxist Obama, who has been traveling to Malaysia on a secret racist mission with foreigners and trying to use Obamacare to destroy the birthrights of white men, would only do the right thing and ADMIT that racism is completely over in America…. well, we would all be better off.