ALERT: The word “obstruction” has just been redefined

As of the 2014 election, the definition of obstruction has changed

We have an important announcement!  Please make sure to disseminate this information to everyone you know as soon as possible.

For the last five years or so, the word “obstruction” has been a very positive word, with a positive meaning. For example, when congress has “obstructed” Obama’s agenda, it has been in order to stop him from completely transforming the United States of America (whatever that means). When Congress “obstructed” the appointment of a Surgeon General, it was to protect America from having a Surgeon General who might think guns are bad. When the House of Representatives “obstructed” financial reform by voting “no” to every single reform bill that was ever put in front of them, that was good: because it was stopping Obama from doing something that was probably bad.

However, in the last 24 hours, in light of the 2014 mid-term election results, ALL THAT HAS NOW CHANGED!

Now that the Republicans have more of an ability to push their agenda forward onto Obama’s desk, everything is different.  After all, if Obama ever vetoes a glorious Republican bill… that means he is guilty of obstruction!

And that is obviously bad.

So, my fellow Americans: it is time to put away all of those tired arguments that you have been using over the last 5 years.

No longer will you say, “A do-nothing Congress is good, because I want government to do nothing!”

No longer will you say, “Saying ‘no’ to everything is good governing, because it’s stopping changes that aren’t needed!

Now, as of today, “obstruction” is officially a bad word. If Obama doesn’t completely comply in every single way to whatever the Republican Congress wants, then he is obstructing progress…..

Isn’t that terrible?

Who are you calling “radical”?

Party Divide.Keith Poole, a researcher who studies American Political-Economic History, came up with this analysis of the shifts in political ideology (PDF Document) in the House of Representatives since 1879. He foolishly concludes that Republicans are becoming more radically conservative. But that’s because he’s an elitist academic and therefore has Liberal Bias.

All of the true and honest American news sources tell us that it is the Democrats, no the Republicans, who have become radical.

Haley Barbour, Republican, has said: “The Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have taken the biggest lurch to the left in policy in American history.”

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, and other True Patriots have repeatedly said on their radio programs that the current Democratic party is the most radical and extreme they have ever seen.

Some website called “Renew America” that we’ve never heard of but that seems pretty cool has observed: “Democratic Party now the party of godless fundamentalists.

Can all of these people really be wrong???

Of course not.

The clear and obvious answer is that it is Republican who have stayed the same, and Democrats who have become crazed debaucherous loons. The numbers in the above graph must therefore be wrong, and are clearly infected with the LIBERAL BIAS!!!!


Graph and Data Source: “Picture of a polarized congress” (PDF) by Keith Poole
Graph Found Via:

Data proves Republicans are more in touch

Liberal Infographic

Just look at the blatant disgusting liberal bias in the title of the above graph: “The Dumbing Down of Congress.”

According to a recent study by the ultra-left wing communist organization “The Sunlight Foundation,”  it seems that not only has the “grade level” of speeches given by congress members decreased in recent years, but Republicans also seem to have a lower “grade level” than Democrats do.  If you buy into the radical, left-wing implications of the title, this means that congress is “dumbing down” and that Republicans are dumber (or at least, their speeches are) than Democrats.


First of all, “Dumbing” isn’t even a word.  Get a brain, morans.

Second of all, notice one important detail that the infographic fails to highlight:

Democrats speak at a 10.8 grade level
Republicans speak at a 10.4 grade level
The Average American speaks at between an 8 and 9 grade level!

In other words, Republican are closer to the Average American than Democrats are! In other words, Republicans are more in touch with the people. In other words, America is obviously a conservative country.

According to an interesting graph that can be found as part of the deeper analysis of the study, the lowest grade levels can be found among the most extremely conservative members of congress:

By Party and Seniority

This make the case even more obvious: the more extremely conservative the politician is, the more he is similar to the Average American.

THERE IS ONLY ONE CONCLUSION:  The only way to make this country a true Democracy that represents the Average American, therefore, is to only vote for the most extreme conservatives possible.

Anything else is just liberal bias!!!

graph source: Sunlight Foundation