Robert Murray recognized as America’s MPP!

Robert Murray wins the Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award!

We at LiberalBias.Com are proud to announce the first ever recipient of the brand new and prestigious Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award: Robert Murray!

We have noticed that most awards in America today suffer horribly from Liberal Bias: the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Oscar Awards, the Darwin Awards… and so many more.  All of these slant horribly and disgustingly toward a liberal agenda.

So, in order to unskew this bias, we have decided to start our own award:

The Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award

…brought to you by

This award will be granted, periodically, to someone who displays a truly outstanding manifestation of patriotism and conservative values. The recipient of the award will be presented with the above beautiful, elegant and artistic trophy in digital form.

The honor of being the first recipient of this award goes to: Robert Murray.

Robert Murray is the  head of Ohio coal company Murray Energy. Murray has shared his prayers to let everyone know how doomed we would be if we re-elected Obama. Murray has forced his employees to donate to Romney’s campaign. Murray forced his employees to attend a Romney rally. And now, just days after Obama is reelected, in a fit of righteous rage and religious inspiration, he has fired 156 coal employees in order to show his displeasure with the election result.

What a gigantic, enormous… patriot!

We tip our tri-corn hat to you, Murray.

Congratulations on being America’s very first ever recognized Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty!