Halloween has a Satanic liberal bias and will eat your children

Halloween is Satanism and will eat your children

Halloween is Satanism and will eat your childrenHalloween is Satanism and will eat your children

Your children shouldn’t look forward to Halloween, they should be terrified of it. Instead of going out “trick or treating” and dressing up, they should beg you to stay home and read the Bible.

Why? The children’s book “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A Child’s Book about Satanic Ritual Abuse” by Doris Sanford will explain it all for you. You should share this with your child, so that he will be so horrified by the idea of Halloween he will beg you to stay home and recite the Lord’s Prayer on October 31st instead of participating in the evil soul-destroying bloodbath that Halloween represents.

Incidentally, the vast Left-Wing Conspiracy wants you to believe that there is no such thing as Satanic ritual child abuse. Their so-called “academics” and “experts” have published numerous books claiming that the idea that Satanists steal children on Halloween to perform Satanic rituals is an urban myth and a hoax. For example: “Making Monsters” by Ofshe and Watters; “Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend” by Victor; and “Satan’s Underground” by Lauren Stratford. All of these books claim that Satanist Liberals are NOT hell-bent (literally) on stealing your children on Halloween and turning them into disgusting perverted bloody ritual play-things.


No, I thought not.

It’s much safer to just be scared… very scared… of Halloween.


book discovered via: Awful Library Books

Suspicious ties between Liberals and children

Liberals and Children

It is time to address the shady and deeply suspicious connections between the radical anti-Amercian liberal movement, and children.

You should find it deeply disturbing that liberals have so consistently tried to push legislation that would specifically help children. Consider the following:

  • Liberals, under the tyrannical leadership of Michelle Obama, have been trying to exert an unholy control over children’s diets in order to reduce obesity and get children to be healthier.
  • Liberals are constantly trying to force reductions in student loan payments down the throats of poor, innocent banks, for no reason other than to make life more affordable for students.
  • President Obama’s proposed 2010 budget included millions of dollars for a “Children’s Savings Account” program, that would give the children of lazy poor people free money just so those children could get a head start in paying to for their educations.
  • And now, in the above graph: Obama’s Socialist Healthcare is obviously designed to specifically benefit children the most.

The pattern is so consistent, one has to ask: what is their real purpose here?

Why would liberals be so focused on helping children?  It’s very counter-intuitive, since children can’t vote. Clearly something dark and under-handed is afoot.

Could it be that liberals are targeting children in order to indoctrinate them early into their godless, communist, anti-freedom ways?

Could it be that it is part of a plot to turn more children homosexual by making their lives easier?  (Don’t laugh! It’s a real connection: making life easier means you have to work less hard, which makes you a sissy and therefore homosexual. Simple logic!)

Could this all just be a preamble to a secret upcoming liberal plot to lower the voting age to 12?

It is frightening to think of all of the possibilities. We must obviously oppose, in every way possible, the Liberal Agenda to help children.

Graph Data Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Tracking Poll
Graph found via: Kaiser Family Foundation Website