These three graphs are exactly like JUSTIN BIEBER!

Justin Bieber in London

When talking about something dry and boring like graphs, it helps to snazz it up a little bit by making a goofy comparison to Justin Bieber! And including a picture.

Justin Bieber in London
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The inspiration for this article is a recent article at The Wonk Blog on the very very boring topic of Fed Tapering. Even though we despise those pinko commie liberals over at Wonk Blog, we have to give them credit where credit is due: what better way to create click bait make economics interesting than to mention the name “Justin Bieber” in the article??? And include a picture.

So, without further ado…. CHECK IT OUT: these three graphs are just like Justin Bieber:



IRS scandal interest wanesThis graph, from News Busters, shows that even though Fox News thinks that the fact that the IRS reviewed Tea Party applications for non-profit status is, like, OMG THE BIGGEST  STORY IN THE UNIVERSE, nonetheless, the rest of the world just doesn’t care as much as Fox News wishes it would.

Similarly, if you are a true Belieber then you think that Justin THE GOD Bieber should be the most important thing in the news every day, so WTF is up with the fact that he’s not? Why didn’t he win every award and get mentioned on the TV, like all the time??? It’s just NOT FAIR HE IS TOTALLY UNDER-APPRECIATED.

Thus, this graph shows that the IRS Scandal is exactly like Justin Bieber.



Cost of ObamacareThis graph, from The Gateway Pundit, is from an article about the CBO’s conclusion that an immigration bill would reduce the deficit.  However, this graph has nothing to do with the immigration bill, it is actually a graph of the CBO’s projections regarding Obamacare.

It is also misleading, because it gives the impression that the CBO made one estimate concerning the cost of Obamacare that it then is revising upward with new information.  In fact, each bar represents a different estimate because it represents an estimate over a different period of time.

This is exactly like how Justin Bieber is sometimes portrayed in the media as some kind of irresponsible, self-involved douche, when in fact any true Belieber will tell you that HE IS ACTUALLY THE COOLEST SWEETEST MOST KIND AND AWESOMEST DOWN-TO-EARTH PERSON EVER.

So: misrepresented in the media.  That is how this graph is exactly like Justin Bieber!



Ice SheetsSaving the best for last: this graph, from Right Wing Granny, shows that during previous ice ages there was just so much ice it would have covered everything! This isn’t really that much of a graph, as a pictogram, in a way. It’s very artistic: showing city skylines with the relative height of the ice sheets in those regions during some previous ice age.

Anyway, the conclusion is that since you can see in the pretty picture how much ice there used to be in the past, therefore there is no reason to worry about global warming now. At least, that’s the conclusion that “Right Wing Granny” wants you to come to. As it happens, the graph isn’t even originally from her, it’s from

Perhaps even more than the previous graphs, this graph is EXACTLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER.

Specifically: it is over-produced, cutesy, contains almost no information, and is based on someone else’s creative effort, but if you are true Belieber then it doesn’t matter because…. IT JUST LOOKS COOL!!!

Just like Justin Bieber.


CBO debt projections have liberal bias!

Biased Debt Projections

The above graph has been produced by the radical socialist, anti-family left-wing organization called the “Communist Budget Office” (CBO), and is very clearly steeped in liberal bias. Luckily, we here at are here to correct this lie and present to you the correct, unbiased version of the graph (below).

First, look at the sneaky biased way that they present the data in the above graph.  They label the scenario “Bush tax cuts expire and budget cuts are made” as the “baseline scenario.” Then, they label the scenario “Bush tax cuts extended and budget cuts are NOT made” as the “alternative scenario.” They then conclude that the scenario that has the Bush Tax cuts continuing cause an explosion of debt when compared to their “baseline scenario.”

These labels, however, are very misleading. Neither of these lines are a real “baseline.” In fact, neither of these two scenarios represent what real, true, honest, God-loving Americans want. What real Americans want–and by “real Americans” we obviously mean “conservatives”–is for the Bush tax cuts to be extended and for the spending cuts to be enacted.

On the other hand, what communist America-hating liberals want is for there to be no spending cuts, and for the tax cuts to expire.

So both of the lines in the above graph actually represent compromises between the liberal and conservative positions: in one case, we give up the Bush Tax cuts in order to get our spending cuts; in the other case, we give up the spending cuts in order to get the Bush Tax cuts.


That’s right, I said it!

Obviously, any situation where conservatives compromise with liberals will lead to out of control debt, famine and plague, dogs and cats living together in homosexual sin, and other things not even worth mentioning.


Instead, a graph that was presented without liberal bias would show the Conservative Principles plan, in which conservatives stand their ground and get everything they want:

Unbiased Debt Projections

Look at this beautiful graph. When the data are presented this way, your choice is clear.

Do you want evil, out of control destructive compromise?

Or do you want Conservative Principles that will lower the debt to nothing?

The choice is yours.

Will you choose Conservative Principles?

Or will you choose liberal bias?????


Original Graph Data Source: CBO Report
Original Graph Found Via: An Economic Sense