Car insurance has liberal bias!

This man is angry because of all the sexism.

According to an article called “How men can beat gender bias in car insurance” at, “Men pay about $15,000 more for auto insurance over their lifetimes than women do, according to, an insurance shopping service.”

This man is angry because of all the sexism.Now I want to ask all you liberals out there: when did sexism become okay?  When did you decide that you would penalize poor, downtrodden men just because of their gender? Isn’t this exactly the type of thing all you broads are gabbing about when you say things like “gender bias” and “sexism” and “blah blah blah” and all that noise?



You are fine with companies charging men more for things, just because they happen to be male!

Sure, you liberals try to dress up your argument by saying things like, “Men are more aggressive drivers!” But that is just as sexist! After all, aggression is a male trait. To penalize people for being aggressive is just a sneaky way of penalizing them for being male. Feminists hate aggressiveness because it’s a male trait. I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh say that.

So,, in conclusion, this is an insidious example of the true liberal agenda, which is sexist, and racist, and naturist, and all the other “ist” words that mean they hate white males who created everything worthwhile in this world!

The car insurance company is clearly in collusion with the liberals. After all, why else would there be a “Progressive Insurance” and not a “Conservative Insurance”?

Just think about THAT!