Ep 10: Superman will eventually have assless red underwear, because LIBERALS.

Marvel Comics is changing things, and conservatives like Zach Heltzel don’t like change! Zach talks about female Thor, black Captain America, and what we can expect next from Marvel. With liberals so anxious to have every PET GROUP of theirs represented, will we see a gay (or: “even MORE GAY”) Superman? Will the Hulk become a little person? Will Iron Man wear an outfit made of Hemp?

Conservatives everywhere know that this is all part of the War On Straight White Men. On a daily basis, conservatives can tune into their favorite radio and television stations and hear their favorite personalities complain that the straight white man is under attack. He’s being discriminated against. And now, he’s even being told that he’s not good enough to be a superhero.

Zach makes some dire predictions about the future of Comic Books, including assless red underwear:

After the main credits, Zach Heltzel also treats you to his solution to the problem of liberals POISONING our traditional heroes with minority traits: just create a MINORITY PERSON Superhero! Minority Person will be a short, left-handed, Inuit, transgender redhead in a wheel-chair, with Tourettes! ….and a minor nut allergy.


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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-x09aV3lmE