10 best signs I saw at the White Man March

White Man March: MT GOX stole my bitcoins

If you are a white Christian, you may have noticed that you are living in constant fear as your rights are being stripped from you by gays, atheists, and racial minorities who seek to discriminate against you.

Really pathetic white people
This sign is not satire and was not created for comedy purposes. This is an actual sign made by some very angry white people.

This is why American patriot Kyle Hunt organized the White Man March, “an international day for independent pro-White activism,” which took place around the country on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

According to some reports, this world-wide event drew as many as tens of people.

One of the cities where the White Man March occurred was Tempe, Arizona, just a short drive away from where I live. Like any good liberty loving freedom fighter, I attended the event to see what all the fuss was about.

If you could not attend your local White Man March, I made sure to take a lot of pictures. Unsurprisingly, most of the attendees would not give me permission to take their picture because the NSA is out to get them. Otherwise, I would show you my favorite sign of the event, which said “There are too many women in comedy!”

….but these ten signs are almost as good:

White Man March sign: monkeys are brown
Monkeys are brown. White people are not brown. It’s just logic.
White Man March Sign: white people freed the slaves
White people freed the slaves. Therefore, all white people are not racist. QED.


White man march signs: if you call me a bigot then you are a bigot
I know you are but what am I. One of the most respected philosophical arguments of all time.
White Man March: I dont get Kevin Hart
Who does? Not white people, that’s for sure.


White man march sign: minority hair is thick and yucky
Equal rights is an abstract concept.


White man march sign: Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles
It’s not racism if you can point to a celebrity you don’t like.


White Man March sign: white men can jump
Can you think of ANYTHING MORE HURTFUL than this anti-white stereotype? I didn’t think so.


White Man March: Trayvon Martin smoked pot so could not have been murdered
Double threat.


White Man March: women get to have sex whenever they want how is that fair?
You may have noticed that some protesters have a difficult time keeping on-topic at protests. It’s a white person thing.


White Man March: MT GOX stole my bitcoins
Almost exclusively a white male problem.

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Did LIBERALS destroy Bitcoin? The latest Obama failure.

Did LIBERALISM cause the disastrous Bitcoin crash of December 2013? Is this economic disaster just another OBAMA FAILURE? Or is it part of his planned attack on the U.S. economy?

If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin by now, you might be living under a rock. Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has blown up in 2013, increasing from under $100 per Bitcoin at the beginning of the year to over $1200 at the beginning of this month.

Part of the reason for the success of Bitcoin is that government-backed currencies like the U.S. dollar have been soiled by Barack Hussein Obama. Bitcoin, praised by Ron Paul, is a conservative’s dream because it is built around the concept of artificial scarcity. Eventually, all the bitcoin there ever will be will be in circulation, which makes perfect sense for a method of exchange that isn’t a precious metal.

According to free market principles, rising Bitcoin prices have made a lot of libertarians into millionaires… that is, until liberals decided that they wanted to rain on the freedom parade!

Barack Obama will not allow any fake currency except his own.
Barack Obama will not allow any fake currency except his own.

Last week, the Chinese government decided that it would be illegal for their people to trade Bitcoins. As you probably know, China has a communist government, not unlike OBAMA’S AMERICA. This caused a massive crash in the Bitcoin market, which lost 60% of its value in a matter of days.

What does this prove? Liberals, specifically Barack Obama, hate our freedom. Why didn’t Obama stop this? Bitcoin is the currency of real patriotism. When we true patriots lost faith in our dollar, we simply created our own. When The Obama Regime saw that Bitcoin was working better than we could have ever dreamed, Barack Obama got his commie friends in China, who own 100% of our debt by the way, to get all their people to buy up the entire market, only to shut it down.

Isn’t it obvious?

Read between the lines, sheeple. It’s another false flag. First the Benghazi conspiracy. Then the Obamacare apocalypse. Then #BENDOGZI. Now he is single-handedly responsible for making hundreds of libertarian pseudo-currency rich people much less rich.

What’s next? Is Obama going to come after our guns? What about our Phil Robertson bobble heads?

You should be very, very afraid. Right now.