#BENDOGZI is the scandal that will finally take down Obama

Obama's racist dog

A picture is worth 1000 words, but this one can be summed up in eight: Obama’s dog brutally maimed an adorable little girl. Obama’s dog brutally maimed an adorable little girl.


Barack Hussein Obama’s pet dog Sunny attacked Ashtyn Gardner, 2, a precious little ray of sunshine from Mobile, Alabama during a tour of the White House’s new “holiday” decorations, which really means that they were flaunting their war on Christmas.

While this shocking image did make the rounds, it was treated lightly by liberal rags such as USA Today, which alleged that “it’s unclear whether [she] lost her balance or if Sunny bumped her.” Looks to me like the corporate media is trying to cover up what really happened to protect its precious phony administration.

Forget about Benghazi, because this is even worse….. this is BENDOGZI!

Pardon my harsh language, but can you imagine the literal doodystorm that would be happening right now if this was a WHITE dog that did this to a BLACK girl? MSNBC would be calling for a legitimate President’s head! They are clearly giving Obama a pass because of reverse racism, the same way they gave Trayvon Martin a pass.

If it weren’t for intrepid reporters like me, the corporate media would never have revealed that Martin did weed and also pot, which means he must have been at fault! It’s just common sense.

Maybe this would have never happened if black dogs like Sunny had fathers that didn’t abandon them mere weeks after they were born, allowing for families like the Obamas to foster their violent, evil ways. Just saying.

Make your voice be heard, America. This needs to be the ONLY STORY that good conservatives talk about, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, between now and the next election. And the election after that.

This is worse than Katrina and Watergate and the Titanic all put together… this is BENDOGZI!