There is no such thing as police abuse of power, just isolated incidents

The Daily Edge - Pattern of police abuse of power

When 3,000 Americans were killed by foreign terrorists on 9/11, America launched two wars, changed its torture policies, opened a prison in Cuba, built a massive global surveillance infrastructure and spent trillions of dollars to try to ensure such things would never happen again. It’s hard to judge how effective any of these things were; but thankfully, foreign terrorism on US soil remains largely an “isolated incident.”

Since then, as many as 13,000 Americans have been killed on US soil. They were not killed by an organized terrorist plot, but in isolated incidents by the cops we hired to protect and serve us. Since these have been isolated incidents, and not some kind of “pattern of police abuse,” the response has been to give our police more weapons, more power to “stop and frisk” or ask “papers please,” and more excuses to harass citizens and make “bullshit arrests” to generate revenue for your town.

But it’s important to remember that these are “isolated incidents.” Isolated incidents of cops killing citizens now happen about three times a day.

Here are a few of the “isolated incidents” we saw being discussed on social media just this week:

Ferguson, Missouri: The shooting death of Mike Brown

St. Louis, Missouri: The shooting death of Kajieme Powell

Beavercreek, Ohio: The shooting death of Walmart shopper John Crawford

Los Angeles: The shooting death of Ezell Ford

New York City: Thousands march to protest choking death of Eric Garner

New Iberia, Lousiana: Coroner says Victor White II shot himself in chest while hands were cuffed behind his back

There is obviously no pattern of police abusing power.  That would be ridiculous! That would seem like we are “blaming” the police. No, no: These are just “isolated incidents.”  Lots and lots and lots of isolated incidents.

How many incidents does it take , by the way, before for something becomes a pattern?