Liberal Bias is dedicated to bringing you left-leaning humor for the intelligent and informed. Initially founded in 2011 as a humor blog, we published articles exposing the way right-wing ideologues would distort, ignore or misrepresent evidence to fit their beliefs. In 2013, Liberal Bias Video was created to produce satirical video interviews and public service announcements. In the years that followed, this spawned several new media series, including the award-winning new media series Heltzel’s View.

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Web Series: Heltzel’s View

The award-winning new media series Heltzel’s View is a satirical political talk show in which pundit and reporter-vigilante Zach Heltzel discusses political news and important cultural events from a uniquely conservative, and often outrageous, perspective. 

You can check out the series page here to see all 28 episodes, or you can preview this sample episode here:

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Best of the Liberal Bias Blog

Liberal Bias ran a blog-style news site from 2011 to 2015. Although some of the articles are now outdated, several of them are still as important today as they were when they were published. Have some fun and browse around this archive of the best articles from the Liberal Bias Blog years!

The Obama Years
Sex and Religion
The Environment
Lying With Numbers
Miscellaneous Bias Exposed