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QUIZ: In the global warming debate, what does 28% represent?

Today’s pop quiz topic is global warming.  Today’s pop quiz question is…

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Top 10 reasons people say you shouldn’t file your taxes!

Every year on April 15, millions of Americans wait until the very last minute to turn in their taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. They spend lots of time and money preparing paperwork in the hopes that the government gives them a small amount of the money that was stolen from them in the first place!

But REAL AMERICANS know that there really is no need to pay taxes. To prove this, I have scoured the Conservative Internet, and collected the top 10 most popular reasons mentioned in blogs, comments sections and social media that people have found explaining why you SHOULD NOT FILE YOUR TAXES on April 15th!

10. The government can’t be trusted with your money

Did you hear that the United States government is spending $750,000 for a new soccer field at Guantanamo Bay? What about the $13,500 tab the U.S. Postal Service picked up at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, or the $82,500,000,000 the government spent on food stamps last year? Clearly, the government is wasting all the money in brings in from YOUR tax dollars! Why should you pay the bills they rack up doing nothing that is worthwhile?

You can't trust the government with your money. What if they make it smell like noodles?

You can’t trust the government with your money. What if they make it smell like noodles?

9. Nobody ever asked you if you wanted to pay taxes

Remember when you turned 18 and you received a letter in the mail that asked you if you wanted to voluntarily give half your money to your local, state, and federal government that can be allocated by your elected representatives? No you do not, because this never happened. America was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Since the government started taking your tax money without asking you, your right to liberty is being compromised. Take it back.

8. We already have roads

One thing the Democrat party always wants to bring up when it comes to the role of taxes is that it is how roads, bridges, and basic infrastructure are funded. It is impossible to live in a society without utilizing the resources that taxpayer dollars have birthed. That’s all fine and great, except we already have roads, so we don’t need to pay taxes anymore! They did their job. Us patriots will take it from here!

Roads are st00pid

7. It’s what Vladimir Putin wants us to do

Putin wants Russia to be the world’s superpower, and his ability to make America act in whatever way he wants them to is unrivaled. So if the United States government wants its citizens to pay taxes, that means Vladimir Putin wants us to pay taxes! That means you’re practically paying taxes to Russia, and are you Russian? Well, you might be, because America is a melting pot and if you are that’s okay. But if you aren’t Russian, then why would you ever pay taxes?

6. Barack Obama pays taxes

On Friday, President Obama released his 2013 federal income tax returns, revealing that he and the First Lady made $481,098 and paid $98,169 in total taxes. As you are well aware, everything that this President does is awful and you should not try to mimic him in any way. That includes by paying taxes.

5. Filing your taxes makes it easier for the government to take your guns

By paying taxes, you are placed on a list that is maintained by agents of the Internal Revenue Service. If it’s easy for them to audit you, then imagine how easy it would be when they decide to declare Sharia Law and take your guns away! Obviously that’s the reason why they ask you for your name and social security number when you file your taxes. Why else would they need that information? What do they think you’re trying to hide?

This "news" story was later found to be completely false. However, by the time that happened it had been copied to over 100 conservative blogs on the web. A couple of sites, most notably InfoWars, have issues retractions. Most have not.

This “news” story was later found to be completely false. However, by the time that happened it had been copied to over 100 conservative blogs on the web. A couple of sites, most notably InfoWars, have issued retractions. Most have not.

4. Income taxes are literally weapons of mass destruction

Someone WHO HAS A PH.D. has written a book that is really popular on World Net Daily and Breit Burt, where he says that, “Income taxes are political weapons of mass destruction used by governments against their own people,” and that “During the past century, the IRS has grown into a vicious, hydra-headed monster, a bureaucratic despot, completely out of control and in principle uncontrollable.” Gosh, that sounds super scary, and clearly doesn’t contain any hyperbolic language at all.

Taxed to death


3. Corporations don’t pay taxes

The conservative Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people, which is great news for people who love freedom. Verizon, News Corp., General Electric, Boeing, and a bunch of other people do not have to pay any taxes. So why should you? Is the government saying that you are not worthy of the same freedoms that these people are?

2. They can just make more money

The Federal Reserve is just going to print more money whether you like it or not, so they might as well just print as much as they need instead of taking your money all year and doing God-knows-what with it. If President Obama and his cronies won’t take the hint that deficit spending is the worst thing any government could do, what’s stopping them from just printing more money? Can’t explain that!



And the top #1 reason that I found mentioned on the internet that you should not pay your taxes is…

1. Okay but seriously did you guys see what happened on Game of Thrones last night?

Joffrey was a nice kid. He deserved to be king. Why is it that we always lose the good leaders too soon? My eyes are welling up just thinking about this. I don’t know why the government can expect me to cope with this AND give them money in the same week. Have they no decency?

And now, for your entertainment:

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Who will George Bush paint next? (with illustrations)

It should come at no surprise that former leader of the free world, turned Christian artist, George W. Bush has once again channeled his godly painting powers. We’ve seen his nude selfies and colorful cat works of painted wonder but now Bush has stepped up his game with an uncanny ability to ham-handily paint world-leader portraits.

This set of painted passion highlights the incredible leaders Mr. Bush had the pleasure of meeting during his presidency; from the Dalai Lama to Vladimir Putin, Mr. Bush has stroked the canvas with unbelievable talent.

But I have a suggestion. Why can’t Mr. Bush take his God-given talent to shine the spotlight on conservative leaders right here at home?  Don’t they deserve the same level of honor and recognition as, for example, Mr. Putin? Through Mr. Bush’s talents we can turn this country around with God, guns, and good-old-fashioned water colors!

Here are three suggestions to inspire Mr. Bush’ conservative canvas crusade, with my interpretation of what his paintings will probably look like:


Justice RobeertsChief Justice John Roberts is first on the list for his uncanny ability to fight for our freedom to buy elections. Thanks to Roberts and his four fellow Republican justices, wealthy politically active Americans are no longer limited to donate a petty $123,200 but now can spend as much as they want. Freedom isn’t free and nor are elections.







Chuck Gast

Conservative martyr and former Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich is second on the list for his unashamed commitment to Biblical homophobia. He and his company’s developers made some hefty donations to the anti-gay Proposition 8 campaign, to which LGBT* activists claimed he was violating Mozilla’s inclusion policies. In reality Brendan Eich was defending his religious freedom, making him a martyr for liberty!





Mozilla EichMissouri Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger gushes with GOP brilliance as he ignores the 260,000 Missourians who are going without affordable health care and focused on forcing women to wait 3 days before being allowed an abortion. He truly shined as he defended the bill against angry feminzai’s, “I was just considering getting carpeting in my house. That process probably took a month… I wanted to be as informed as possible, and that’s what this bill is, having them get as much information as possible.”

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